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Mohamamd Sedigh Kaboudvand

Posted by IHRV On May - 25 - 2010

kb1.jpgMohammad-Sedigh Kaboodvand is a journalist and a human rights activist.  On July 1, 2007, he was detained by Intelligence agents and he has been held in prison since then.

Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court sentenced Mr. Kaboodvand to an 11-year jail term in 2008.  Mr. Kaboodvand was accused of attempts against national security through establishing a human rights organization in Kurdistan province, spreading propaganda against the regime by circulating news, opposing the Islamic punishment code by openly criticizing penalties such as stoning and hanging and his support of political prisoners.  The appeals court confirmed his sentencing in the same year.  Mr. Kaboodvand’s legal counselor was Nasrin Sotodeh.

Mr. Kaboodvand established the Kurdistan human rights organization in 2005 in an effort to defend the rights of Kurds in Iran.  This non-governmental organization was preparing reports on the conditions and instances of human rights violations in Kurdistan.  Close to 200 local reporters throughout Kurdistan province were working with this organization.  Mr. Kaboodvand, by managing a peaceful human rights campaign on a local and national level, intended to call the attention of authorities to the human rights plight in Kurdistan.

Mr. Kaboodvand has also published books under the titles of “The Other Half”, discussing women rights, “Democracy Inferno” and “Social Movement”.

Mr. Kaboodvand was also chief editor of a weekly publication called “People Message”, which was shut-down on June 27, 2004, by an order issued by branch 1 of the general court in the city of Sanandaj, citing article 31 of the laws covering publications.

On June 15, 2004, a few days prior to the shutdown of “People Message”, branch 1 of the general court in Sanandaj summoned Mr. Kaboodvand to appear before the court, where he was charged with publishing false articles about Kurdistan with the intent to incite public opinion, discussing ethnic and racial subjects with the intent to promote segregation, writing an article about Ghazi Mohammad and printing his photograph.

Four days after Mr. Kaboodvand’s arrest, the initial court sentenced him to a one and a half-year suspended jail term, a five-year ban on any activities related to journalism and a publication ban on “People Message”..

In 2009, Mr. Kaboodvand received a Hellman Award (for writers subjected to harassment) from Human Rights Watch..  The prize is awarded to writers from different countries annually.

Mr. Kaboodvand, following his graduation, helped in establishing an organization called Unity for Democracy in Iran, which is active on civil rights issues.

Mr. Kaboodvand suffered a heart attack in prison and he is also suffering from hypertension, a kidney infection and problems related to his prostate.  Prison authorities are denying Mr. Kaboodvand access to medical specialists.

Mansoor Osanloo

Posted by IHRV On October - 15 - 2009

osanloo.jpgMasour Osanlu was born in 1959, and he is one of the leaders of the labor syndicate for Tehran’s city and suburban bus services.  In recent years, Mr. Osanlu has been detained on multiple occasions and sentenced to imprisonment for defending the rights of workers.
Mr. Osanlu’s first arrest came on January 2006 during a labor protest.  Mr. Osanlu spent three months of his eight-month jail sentencing in solitary confinement.  On August 2006, Mr. Osanlu was released on a 150,000 USD bond.
Only three months later, the labor activist, along with the deputy chairman of the labor syndicate, Ebrahim Madadi, was detained on November 19, 2006.  Mr. Osanlu was released one month later.  The two labor activists had planned to visit the Labor Department on the day of their arrest, in an effort to pursue the cases of expelled workers.
After Iran’s Bus Services Syndicate gained membership in the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) in the summer of 2007, Mr. Osanlu made a trip to London to represent his labor syndicate during the organization’s annual meeting.  Two weeks after his return from the trip, Mr. Osanlu was detained for the third time and sent to Evin Prison.
On March 6, 2008, coinciding with International Day of Railroads, the ITF named this date “World Cooperation in Solidarity with Mansour Osanlu” Day.
In 2007, the labor activist received a five-year jail term.  Mr. Osanlu’s charges have been stated as “attempts against national security and propaganda against the regime”.
At the present time, Mr. Osanlu is serving his third year of sentencing in prison.  The main goal of Mr. Osanlu is the formation of an independent labor union free of any interference by government.
The labor activist is suffering from kidney and eyesight conditions, and has terrible pains in his back and legs.  According to an official medical examiner, he is not fit to withstand imprisonment.  During Mr. Osanlu’s stay in prison, news has been circulating indicating that he has been subjected to torture and mistreatments.

Shadi sadr

Posted by IHRV On October - 15 - 2009

shadi_sadr02-2.jpgShadi Sadr is a court lawyer, journalist and an activist working on feminist rights in Iran.
Ms. Sadr was born in 1974, and she began her activities at the early age of 15, writing articles in the monthly publications Sorosh Nojavan and Hahshahri.
After graduating from law school, Ms. Sadr accepted work as a legal counselor for the publication Zan (woman).
Ms. Sadr is founder and chief editor of the Zanan Iran (Iranian Women) web site.  The site is the first such network, designed to distribute information and promote knowledge sharing among feminist activists in Iran; it began its work in early 2000.  Ms. Sadr is also active in publishing articles on the “Maydan Zanan” (Women Arena) web site and a she is also a member of the Volunteer Lawyers Group.
Ms. Sadr, along with a number of feminist activists, began a “Laws without Stoning” campaign in 2006.  The campaign is active in forcing the reversal of brutal stoning laws and defends those who have been sentenced to this horrific punishment.
Organizing the non-profit Rahi (Empowerment Skills) Institute is among the other accomplishments of Ms. Sadr.  The institution was organized in August of 2004, and its mission is focused on empowering women to eradicate any form of legal or functional discrimination imposed on them, by offering legal consultations, holding training workshops and promoting education based on a sole belief in the fundamentality of human rights.  In late 2006, the Islamic revolutionary court ordered the closure of the institution.
In 2009, this human rights activist won the human rights prize “Lech Walesa”, shared between Ms. Sadr, Laudan and Roya Boromand.  The main reason cited for granting the prize to Ms. Sadr involved efforts made by this lawyer/civil rights activist against stoning laws.
In 2005, Ms. Sadr received the “Ida B. Wells” prize for showing courage in journalism.
In 2003, the first prize in the Social Articles category, and in 2008, first prize in the Special Columns category, were awarded to Ms. Sadr during the Iran Press festival.
Ms. Sadr has been arrested twice for her work on human rights issues.  Her initial arrest took place on March 3, 2005 in front of the revolutionary court in Tehran.  On that date, Ms. Sadr and thirty-two other activists from the feminist movement who had assembled in front of the court were detained.  The gathering was organized as a show of support on behalf of Parvin Ardelan, Noshin Ahmadi-Khorasani, Susan Tahmasbi, Fariba Davoudi-Mohajer and Shahla Entesari. 
Ms. Sadr appeared in court to represent Ms. Entesari when she was detained, along with other protesting activists.  After spending two weeks in detention, she was freed in the middle of March 2007.
On July 17, 2009, during mass protest rallies against the results of the presidential election, the activist was arrested by plainclothes agents.  Ms. Sadr was released on July 28, 2009 after 11 days detention in Evin Prison.
Ms. Sard is married to Hossein Nilchian and has a daughter named Darya.

Seyed Mohammad Saifzadeh

Posted by IHRV On October - 1 - 2009

arton5660.jpgSeyed Mohammad Saifzadeh is a court lawyer and founding member of the Human Rights Defense Center.  Mr. Saifzadeh is also a member of the high oversight council in this organization and chairman of the Free, Clean and Fair Election Committee.
In the 1970s, Mr. Saifzadeh was a court lawyer, but after the Islamic Revolution he was pushed aside from his post and was censured from practicing law for more than ten years. 
Mr. Saifzadeh managed to clear and secure his law practice license in 1992, and actively pursues court cases as a lawyer.
In an interview, Mr. Saifzadeh claimed that since the early days of the revolution, he has opposed the Islamic Penal code.
Since 1997, Mr. Saifzadeh has defended more than 300 cases related to human rights issues.  Among the clients whom he has represented are:
• Students accused of slandering against Islam
• Members of Bahai faith denied an education
• Omid Mamarian and Shahram Rafizadeh, in a web publishers case
• Shirin Abadi, in tape producers case
• Zahra Kazemi
• Mashallah Shams-Ul-Vazein
• Arash Cigarchi
• Fereshteh Ghazaei
• Roya Toloei
• Mojtaba Sameinejad
Mr. Saifzadeh has also represented banned newspapers including Toos, Neshat and a firm called Today’s Society.
So far, Mr. Saifzadeh has been detained and interrogated six times.  During the protest events following the Presidential Election in June 2009, he was summoned to appear before the Intelligence unit in the revolutionary court in Tehran.  Mr. Saifzadeh has been told that his law practice license will be revoked.
Since June 2004, Mr. Saifzadeh has been censured from departure by an order issued by the revolutionary court that had been filed by the Ministry of Intelligence.  Previously, Mr. Saifzadeh had been served with a 20-year departure ban by the Ministry of Intelligence.
Since 2005, Mr. Saifzadeh has been publishing legal and human rights-related articles in his own weblog under the tile of “Human Rights Letters”. 
The weblog address is:

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