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A Letter from Prison

Posted by admin On March - 18 - 2008

ahmad1.jpgAt about 3.30pm on Wednesday, November 21st, 2007, Mr. Reza Ziayi, deputy of Ward ‎no 8 of Evin prison along with other prison staff and in the presence of the warden of the ‎Ward (Mr. Bozorgnia) attacked and assaulted me, Majid Tavakoli and brutally beat me ‎up while yelling all sorts of insults at me.‎
Furthermore, following the announcement of the transfer of Ahmad Ghasaban to Ward ‎number 7, when Ghasaban returned to the ward to pick up his personal belongings and ‎bid farewell to other inmates, he was interrupted and verbally insulted by a security guard ‎named Abbasi who had followed the prisoner to escort him out, and then dragged him in ‎a despicable manner all the way out of the ward to the guard, depriving him of collecting ‎his belongings such as a blanket, clothing, and cup. With this site, Ghasaban, I and a few ‎other prisoners verbally protested this behavior by the guards. This in turn led to a sudden ‎and unprovoked assault on Ghasaban by Reza Ziayi, the deputy of Ward number 8, who ‎kicked the prisoner, hit him in the face, head, chest and other parts of his body and then ‎dragged him from the guard’s office all the way outside ward 8.‎
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