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A Week of Human Rights Violations in Iran

Posted by admin On January - 13 - 2011

In January, international statistics rated Iran second in executions after China. There were 190 death sentences executed in nine months.

During the Juma Prayer, the Tehran Prosecutor stated for the second time in less than a week that the “heads of the riots” will appear in court. He added that the court sessions will “definitely” take place and that the accused are charged with more than they are aware of.

He further stated that Mr. Raisdana was arrested for causing disturbances during the process of targeting subsidies.

This week, the families of political prisoners declared that they will fast once a week in solidarity with their loved ones.

Also, all the belongings of Mehdi Karrubi’s sealed office were stolen, despite the premises being under the observation of security forces.

Also in the news this week, more than 50 cases of child abuse have been reported in nine months in the province of Northern Khorasan.

Labour and Guilds

On Saturday, Mansour Osanlou, the imprisoned head of the Tehran Bus Drivers’ syndicate was sent to solitary confinement.

Morteza Kamsari and Ali Akbar Nazari, two members of the Tehran Bus Drivers’ syndicate were released.

The Appeals Court of Shahrekurd approved the verdict of one year imprisonment for Nabiollah Bastan, a member of the teacher’s club in the city.

Also, Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, a labour and children’s rights activist, was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment on “security” charges.

Omar Esmailpour, Ebrahim Esmailpour and Sedigh Khosravi, members of a coordination committee that establishes labour associations in the city of Naghadeh, were summoned to the Revolutionary Court of Orumieh.

It was reported that on Saturday, workers laid off from the Kurdistan textile factory held a gathering at the office of Employment and Social Affairs.

The executive secretary of Qom stated that the Iran Soof factory is closed and 60 workers have lost their jobs.

According to reports, workers from a pipe factory in Khuzestan have not been paid for more than 18 months.

Other news reported that workers from the Hafttappe Sugar Cane factory and Karoon Shushtar Industries gathered at the central social security office in the province of Khouzestan.

Religious Minorities

This week, the arrests of Baha’i citizens in Mazandaran continued. Baha’i citizen Mahintaj Ruhani was arrested by the intelligence office and another Baha’i citizen based in Abadeh, Heshmatollah Forutan, was dismissed from work due to his faith.

Also, Baha’i citizen Shole Taef was summoned to serve out her one year prison sentence.

On Tuesday, three Baha’i citizens from Orumieh, Shiva Karimi, Homeyra Parvizi and Navid Morghi, were arrested.

On Saturday, Baha’i citizen Artin Ghazanfari was summoned to prison to begin his sentence. He faces one year Tazir imprisonment.

In better news, Anisa Safarian, a Baha’i university student, was temporarily freed from prison on bail.

In a planned reaction to Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, a number of newly converted Christians were arrested in Tehran.

Security agents in the Intelligence Office of Shahriar summoned a newly converted Christian and subsequently arrested, interrogated, tortured and seriously beat him. He had been active in a house church.

Ethnic Minorities

This week, the sentence of public executions for two Kurdish activists, Zanier Moradi and Loghman Moradi, was declared.

During the blockade of a village in a border city of Baluchestan, security forces killed a Baluch and arrested another.

Rahim Loghmani, Kolsum Naghshbandi and Naseh Naghshbandi were temporarily released on bail. They had been detained at the home of Habibollah Latifi.

The massive wave of arrests of Kurdish social and political activists continues following the arrests of Kurdish poet Rahim Loghmani and political activist Naseh Naghshbandi in Sanandaj.

This week, two of the most well-known cultural activists of Lorestan were arrested and sent to an unknown location during the religious ceremony of Moharram.

On Monday, Rahman Hosseinzadeh and Ali Esmailnejad, two cultural activists in the city of Bookan, were arrested by security forces.

The good news is that the judiciary authorities in Iran rejected the death sentence for three Kurdish political prisoners and sent their cases to be worked on to the First Branch of Orumieh Court.


According to reports, political activist Ghadrieh Ghaderi, jailed at the Ministry of Intelligence, has been sentenced to ten years of Tazir imprisonment.

Fatemeh Arabsorkhi, daughter of the political prisoner Feyzollah Arabsorkhi, was temporarily released on a USD 50,000 bail.

Also, Dorsa Sobhani, a human rights activist, was sentenced to a year of Tazir imprisonment.

Nasrin Sotudeh, the attorney and human rights activist, appeared before the court. She had been charged with not wearing Islamic veiling and sentenced to five days of Tazir imprisonment for objecting to the process of the court.

On Monday, forces in civilian clothes attacked and insulted the mother of the martyr Seyyed Ali Mousavi Habibi.


A medical agent from Ghezelhesar Prison acknowledged the break out of a dangerous influenza virus in the prison and reported the death of two prisoners.

In the New Year, the families of the two detained Germans met with them.

Gholamhosein Arshi has written a letter to the Tehran Prosecutor describing his torture. He has been detained in Evin Prison since participating in protests to last year’s election.

Also, Khaled Khordani, a security detainee who had been housed in Section Two of Karaj Prison, was sent to the IRGC solitary confinement.

The court session of Reza Sharifi Bookami, a political prisoner in Karaj, was held in Shahryar Revolutionary Court.


This week, Mehrdad Varshoi, an election protestor, was freed.

Also, Maisam Beikmohammadi and Ali Arshadi, two prisoners from last year’s Ashoora, were released.

Political Parties

Some news agencies have reported that Dr. Ebrahim Yzadi, the secretary general of the Freedom Movement of Iran, has been transferred from prison and is being held in a guarded house in a military area.

Dr. Ali Mousavi, the secretary general of the youth organization for the Pan-Iranist Party, was sentenced to six and a half years of Tazir imprisonment, a fine and 74 lashes.

According to reports, Masoud Ladonni, a National-Religious activist, was sentenced to two years of Tazir imprisonment for stating doubts as to the legitimacy of the past presidential elections.

Adel Mohammad Hoseyni, a young member of the reformist party Islamic Iran Participation Front, was arrested after he appeared in the revolutionary prosecutor office based in Evin Prison.

Mohammad Shafii and Alizera Taheri, two reformist young activists, were temporarily released on a USD 50,000 bail.

Dr. Shakoori has stated that he and Mohammad Nourizad are being held in a public cell and do not have interrogations.

University Students

This week, university student activist Majid Tavakkoli was informed of his new charges in the Fourth Interrogation Branch of Evin Court. After presenting his final defence to the accusations of gathering and collaboration against national security, the judge set a bail of USD 200,000 for his new case.

Ehsan Abdeh Tabrizi, a Ph.D student at Durham University, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

Afshin Keshtkar, a student activist from Shiraz University, was released on a USD 10,000 bail.

Bahareh Hedayat and Mahdieh Golru, two university student activists detained in Evin Prison, have ended their hunger strike.

Mahdieh Golru, a member of the Council for Defending the Right to Study, is facing new charges of disturbing public mentality. He has also been prohibited from receiving visitors.

Arash Sadeghi, a member of the 88 Campaign of Mirhosein Mousavi and a member of the Islamic Forum of Allameh Tabatabaii Univeristy, was sent back to Section 209 of Evin Prison.

Meghdad Asgharpour, a masters’student in Electricity at Seman University, has been sentenced to an eight month suspended sentence. He had been detained for 20 days last year for “insulting the holy” by “texting.”

Mohammad Hosein Mozaffari, a university activist close to the Islamic Iran Cooperation Front, was summoned to the investigation office of the Ministry of Intelligence and was subsequently arrested after hours of interrogation.

Foad Khanjani, a university student banned from continuing his education, was sentenced to four years of Tazir imprisonment.

Reza Zeynali, a student from Tehran University, was sentenced to a five year suspended prison sentence.

The Press

This week, the international organization Reporters without Borders reported that Iran is the country with the largest number of exiled journalists (127) for the second year in a row.

It appeared in the news that Kaveh Eshteardi, manager of the newspaper Iran, was sentenced to six months of Tazir imprisonment for libel and ten lashes for printing false news.

On Wednesday, Ahmad Gholami, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Shargh and Ali Khodabakhs, sponsor of this newspaper, were released after 20 days of arrest on a USD 10,000 bail.

Also, caricaturist Hadi Heydari was released on a USD 50,000 bail.

The family of journalist Nazanin Khosravani finally met with her after two months of detention.

Arrests and Verdicts

This week, after the postponement of Habibollah Latifi’s death sentence, intelligence and security forces attacked his home and arrested at least 20 people.

After the execution of Ali Saremi, his family and a number of people who had gathered at the gates of Evin Prison were arrested. Also, Mostafa Kamrani’s nephew was arrested for hanging his uncle’s picture up on a wall of his store.

One day after Ayatollah Seyed Alimohammad Dastgheyb criticised the status quo and stated that most clerics are not satisfied with the current situation in the country, the website Sobheomid reported that a number of his students had been sentenced to imprisonment and exile.

Elham and Nader Ahsani, supporters of the Mourner Mothers (mothers of the Green Movement victims), were summoned on Sunday.

On Saturday, the home and work place of Ali Maghami, Emadedin Baghi’s son-in-law who is currently in detention, were inspected.

A month after the detention of young reformist Sajedeh Kianooshrad, his father was summoned by the Ministry of Intelligence.

Blogger Mohammad Reza Pourshajri was sentenced to 3 years of Tazir imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court of Karaj.

Mohammadayub Kazemi, a university and clerical school researcher, was granted conditional freedom and released.

Kazemi, who has taught at schools for 25 years, was labelled as unqualified by an order from the Office of the Supreme Leader and banned from teaching.

According to reports, the sentences in the case of the attack on the Ghoba Mosque in Shiraz have been released. A number of attackers and some of the mosque staff have been sentenced to imprisonment, lashing and exile.

The six year sentence for Nezam Hassanpour, arrested during post-election protests, has been reduced to two years.

Mohammad Bagher Valdan, the head of the regulatory council of prayer leaders of Saturdays (Aemmeye Jom’e) in the province of Fars, was sentenced to 74 lashes, five months imprisonment and three years exile by the Special Cleric Court.


In January, political prisoner Ali Saremi was executed. Prior to his execution, the authorities of Rajaishahr Prison banned seven detainees in Section Two from communication.

In non-political executions, eight drug traffickers were executed. 16 similar cases are currently being processed and will be executed after a final verdict.

On Saturday, five people were hung in the central prison of Zahedan.

On Friday, five men were sentenced to death.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, at least ten death sentences were either requested, sentenced of executed.

The chief of police for Tehran megacity stated that numerous indictments of “combats against God” have been handed down.

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