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Labor Union in Iran: We Are Ashamed of our Families

Posted by IHRV On January - 1 - 2009

madan4.gifRadio Farda: In an attempt to increase the minimum wage paid to the workers in Iran, the Iranian independent labor union called the Tehran and Suburbia Bus Services Syndicate and the Haft Tapeh Sugar Refinery Labor Syndicate, along with a number of other labor organizations active in the factories in the cities of Tehran, Osloyeh, Sanandaj, Saveh, Kermanshah and Isfehan, have composed a petition and they are actively collecting signatures for support.  The collected petition and signatures will be sent to members of the labor high council, the Ministry of Labor and Social Services and Islamic parliament representatives.
The petition underscores the low rate of wages paid to the workers and the constant increases costing the cost of living in Iran.  The petition demands that authorities take action and increasing the minimum wage in order to ease some of the economical pain and make a decent life possible.
The petition starts with the statement: “We have struggled with poverty for many years and we are ashamed of our families”.
According to reports, an average worker makes 220 USD per month, however the poverty line in Iran is 500 USD per month.
In the letter by independent labor organizations, addressed to government authorities and members of parliament, it is stated: “For the past number of years, the wages that have been paid to workers and other government service workers such as teachers, retired and current personnel, are not enough to meet the cost of living.  With increasing inflation, our families have been more and more deeply entangled in poverty “.
The petition also said: “every reasonable citizen living in this country knows that one can not afford a decent living standard even with 1,000 USD per month”.

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