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Hadi Ghaemi

Posted by IHRV On April - 1 - 2009

Hadi Ghaemi is a coordinator for an international campaign for Human Rights in Iran.
Mr. Ghaemi graduated from Boston University in 1994 and taught Physics in New York University until 2000.  In 2003, Mr. Ghaemi received a research grant from the MacArthur Foundation.
Before Mr. Ghaemi started his work on the international campaign for Human Rights in Iran, he was active on issues surrounding the human rights condition in the Middle East.  Mr. Ghaemi has collaborated with a number of non-governmental organizations, and he has been active on human rights issues in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.  After the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by forces under the command of United States, he began preparing reports on human rights violations committed by United States in these countries.
Membership in the organization Human Rights Watch is among the other accomplishments of Mr. Ghaemi.  As a member of this organization, Mr. Ghaemi was responsible for conducting research in Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.  His reports on rights violations of migrant workers in the United Arab Emirates forced major modifications to labor laws by the government of the Emirates. 
In March of 2006, after Mr. Ghaemi began his work with the international campaign for Human Rights in Iran, he was elected as the coordinator of the campaign.  Mr. Ghaemi, along with Aaron Rhodes, is among the best known human rights figures in the world, and both are spokesmen in the international campaign for Human Rights in Iran.
The international campaign for Human Rights in Iran has been organized to confront gross human rights violations and to end hostility toward human rights activists and other social movements in Iran.  Its practices focus on attracting international support for the defense of human rights and those engaged in such activities.
The organization has defined its functions as: compiling news reports on human rights abuses, the analysis of human rights conditions, and attracting international support.  The campaign publishes statements and reports on a regular basis, describing human rights violations in Iran.

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