Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yesterday, the review board of the disciplinary committee in the School of Medical Sciences in the city of Shahr Kurd issued the punishment order for Arash Koohi, an ex-chairman of the Islamic Society in the same school.
According to the order, Mr. Koohi was punished for criticizing the security guards inside the school, and a written citation was recorded in Mr. Koohi’s files.
Some time ago, the ex-chairman of Islamic Society in this school, during a Question and Answer session with the authorities of the school, made references to continued confrontations between students and security guards and demanded change in the attitude of security guards.  The criticism did not sit well with the appointed authorities in the school.
In the past few months, Mr. Koohi has been summoned before the disciplinary board twice.
Source: Amir Kabir Newsletter

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