Friday, September 19, 2014

images.jpgEsmail Salmanpour is a student activist and a member of the students’ Islamic Society in Amir Kabir University.  On February 6, Mr. Salmanpour was arrested during a ceremony to pay tribute to Engineer Bazargan.  He was transferred from the Intelligence section of the jail to the medical unit of Evin Prison.
This morning, Mr. Salmanpour was transferred to the medical unit while he was suffering from extreme weakness.  Those who saw him have said that his hair had been completely shaved and he appeared to have lost a lot of weight.  He was not able to talk and appeared incoherent and not aware of his surroundings.  It is not clear whether Mr. Salmanpour’s weight loss is due to his long-term hunger strike, or is a result of excessive physical and psychological pressure.
Readers are reminded that nine students from Amir Kabir University are being held in solitary confinement in section 209 of Evin Prison.  Detainees include Majid Tavakoli, Hussein Tarkashvand, Esmail Salmanpour, Koroush Daneshyar, Ahmad Ghasaban, Abas Hakimzadeh, Nariman Mostafavi, Mehdi Mashayekhi, and Yaser Turkman.
Source: Human Rights Advocates in Iran

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