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Mohammad-Ali Dadkhah

Posted by IHRV On August - 14 - 2009

dadkhah.jpgMohammad-Ali Dadkhah is a court lawyer and one of the founders of the Human Rights Defense Center.
Mr. Dadkhah has freely assumed the cases of many activists ranging from the national-religious front to student and feminist movement activists.
Among his notable clients were the late Zahra Kazemi, Ebrahim Yazdi (chairman of the Iran Freedom Party), Abdulfatah Sultani, Ensafali Hedayat (journalist imprisoned in Tabriz), the late Omid-Reza Mir-Sayafi, Asha Momeni (a member of 1,000,000 Signature Petition Campaign), Shahnaz Gholami (journalist and defender of Azeri women’s rights).
Among Mr. Dadkhah’s other notable cases are the cases on behalf of the Hosseinieh Gonabad Dervishes, and against the blocking of water by the construction of the Sayvand dam and the construction of Jahan-Nama high-rises around historical Naghshe Jahan Square in Isfehan.
Mr. Dadkhah is also responsible for the legal part of Pasargard Heritage Foundation, volunteering his time on behalf of thousands of Iranians; his efforts are spent in saving and preserving Iran’s cultural heritage: places like Balaghi Pass, Naghshe Jahan and the collection of Chahar Bagh’s works.
For the first time in the history of Iran’s court system, he represented 2,035 people in a case against the passage of the Isfehan city train through historical Chahar Bagh Street against the presidential deputy, mayor and chairman of Isfehan’s city train system.
4,350 Iranian citizens have also appointed him to bring suit against the Minister of Energy and the head of Cultural Heritage Organization and Tourism for the construction of the Sayvand Dam.
Mr. Dadkhah is a graduate of Tehran University Law School, and he established Rad Legal Institution in 1974, with assistance from Gholam-Ali Adib-Nosrat, Hasan Rastegar, Hasan Dadkhah and Manuchehr Khanlari.
Rad Institution is one of the first legal institutions in Iran, which, in addition to accepting and training legal personnel and servicing legal cases, is also involved with securing and preserving cultural works.
“Norooz and the Philosophy of Haft Seen”, which was published seven years ago, has so far been reprinted nine times and a collection of articles called “We Should Not Forget the Basis” are among his writings.
The court lawyer is also working on publishing a book called “Human Rights in Ancient Iran and International Rights Today”.
Mr. Dadkhah’s grandfather Ayatullah Chahar-Sughi was a popular and a devout man who supported the Constitution Revolution during the Qajar dynasty.  One of his uncles was a lawyer from Isfehan, in the first Constitutional Parliament, and another uncle was Isfehan’s proscutor.  His father, Syed Hossein Dadkhah (aka. Vakil-Ul-Molk) was one of Isfehan’s famous lawyers.
Mr. Dadkhah was detained on July 8 during unrest to protest the results of the Tenth Presidential Election.  Security guards shut and sealed the office of Mr. Dadkhah after he and four of his associates were placed under arrest.

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