Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Violent Suppression of Protest in Mellat Park

Posted by IHRV On June - 16 - 2008


On June 13th, a spontaneous gathering by thousands of people took place in Mellat Park. The crowd protested against the high cost of living, increased levels of poverty, and lack of interest by the government in combating economic corruption. The protesters were confronted with security guards, leading to arrests and injuries. Fifty of the protesters were arrested and taken to an undisclosed location, most likely Evin prison.
This recent incident was a particularly severe and unprecedented occurrence in recent years, given that many protesters were bloodied and suffered broken bones due to the confrontation with security guards. The security guards in this case were not regular security guards but mostly plainclothes agents. Most people in the gathering also demanded the release of Abas Palizdar from prison. As a reminder, Mr. Palizdar was in charge of the judicial research office of Parliament, and recently accused many high-ranking officials and their children of monetary corruption and graft. Mr. Palizdar has been charged with spreading lies and sedition, and was later sent to prison.
According to the Islamic Republic’s constitution, public gatherings are not considered illegal as long as the participants are not armed.
A quick review of cases against these individuals and their immediate release are demanded.
Source: Student Committee for Defense of Political Prisoners

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