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The Murder of an Imprisoned Journalist

Posted by IHRV On June - 28 - 2011

A Report on Human Rights Violations in Iran from June 6th-12th
During the past week, the death of a national-religious activist in prison triggered the anger of the international community against the Iranian government. Hoda Saber had started a hunger strike along with others to protest the violence of security forces at the funeral of Ezzatolah Sahabi which resulted in the death of his daughter Haleh Sahabi. He passed away after suffering a heart attack in the early morning of June 12th. According to reports from human rights activists and the family of this prisoner, doctors believe that his death was caused by a heart attack induced by the hunger strike. Furthermore, Abdollah Momeni, the speaker of Office for Strengthening Unity, has been hospitalized twice during this past month for heart problems and serious backaches. Two other prisoners, Zahra Jabbari and Hossein Ronaghi Maleki were also hospitalized due to their poor health. Other news which illustrates human rights violations in Iran are the arrests of groups labeled gangsters by the police and the change in the age of prostitution from 18 to 12. In the following report, some cases of human rights violations in Iran by the authorities of the Islamic Republic are highlighted.
Among the dozens of statements and declarations made during this week, three statements concerning the human rights of Iranian people were the most prominent. The June 10th statement by Amnesty International asked for the cooperation of international human rights organizations to force the IR to stop terrorizing independent guild unions. In another statement, Amnesty International reqested the immediate and unconditional release of Ebrahim Madadi and Reza Shahabi, two officials of Tehran bus drivers’ union. The third statement was from the Reporters without Borders concerning the death of Hoda Saber who lost his life as a result of the negligence of prison authorities. Lastly, Jamshidi, another imprisoned journalist received a lot of attention in the media.
Universities and Students
In the past week, students from Ferdousi University gathered for the second time to protest the beating of a female student on campus. Also according to HERANA reports, on June 12th, which marks the anniversary of the controversial presidential election, more pressure on students as well as judiciary and ethic sentences were delivered at Nooshiravani university of Babol and two student journals were closed by the supervising committee of the university.
According to HERANA reports, Ali Poursoleyman, a member of Iran Teachers’ Association and editor of the Sokhanemoallem blog, was arrested by security forces on June first.
According to HERANA news agency reports, more than 1,600 workers of the Eastern Pars Complex have not gone to work for two weeks because they have not received their salaries. Also in the news; Ali Nejati, a dismissed worker of the Hafttappeh Sugar Cane Factory, appeared before the court again. In Tabriz, a labor activist was arrested by the order of the judiciary authorities and sent to the central prison of the city.
Ethnic Minorities
In the past week, three Kurd citizens from Salmas in the Western Azerbaijan province were summoned to the intelligence office of the city.
Religious Minorities
Following the continued pressures on Baha’i citizens and the arrests of members belonging to this religious minority, Anisa Dehghani Mohammadi, a Baha’I citizen based in Isfahan was arrested on June 7th by forces from the Ministry of Intelligence of Mashhad. Also on Saturday June 11th, the arrests of individuals associated with the Baha’i University continued and Tannaz Akbari, another Baha’i citizen was arrested. This is while on the same night and Saturday morning, security forces went to the homes of three other Baha’i citizens in Babol and Babolsar and arrested five more people.
Cultural and the Press
On Thursday, Saeed Moghani, an Azerbaijani poet and civil activist, was arrested at his father’s home. Also according to the “nedayeazadi” website on June 11th, Farid Salavati, a journalist and social-political activist, was arrested following the raid of his home by security forces in Isfahan. Lastly, in reference to the violation of social and cultural rights of Iranian people, in an interview with Fars News Agency General Radan noted that if the home owner is not at home and security forces cannot get to the roof to get their satellite dish, they will do it through air.
According to the Fars News Agency, on Wednesday June 8th, the deputy of the police chief declared an expansion of the plan to confront the inappropriate dress of women all around the country. Also the news of the murder of two young girls by their father and brother, and another young woman by her husband were published by the press.
In the past week, while the public was caught up in the news of child abuse on “Hanieh”, children rights’ websites reported that the right arm of a little girl was amputated from elbow which was the result of a harsh beating by her father and lack of treatment following nine failed surgeries. Also according to the website “khabarejonub” following the prosecution of the shocking child abuse in Shiraz, the mother of the child and the man who was in a relationship with her were arrested.
Unreasonable sentences by the judiciary continued during the past week. Sakhi Rigi, a Balooch blogger and member of Mousavi’s presidential campaign, was sentenced to 20 years by the revolutionary court of Zahedan and the 19 year and six month sentence for Hossein Derakhshan, the first blogger who wrote in Farsi, was approved. Also the sentences of Musa Saket and Hassan (Ata) Alizadeh were approved by the Fourth Branch of the Tabriz Revolutionary Court. According to Jaras website, the attorney for these prisoners, Musa Saket, has been sentenced to seven months of imprisonment and Hasan Alizadeh to 91 days of Tazir imprisonment. Arjang Davoodi has been sentenced to ten years and eight months imprisonment. According to reports by the HERANA news agency, Abdolreza Ahmadi, a blogger and human rights activist, has been sentenced to three years of Tazir imprisonment by an appeals court. Dr.Fariborz Raiisdana, an economist and member of Iran Writers’ Association, has been sentenced to a year imprisonment by the 28th Branch of the Revolutionary Court under Judge Moghise. According to the Mukrian news agency, Mohammad Amin Abdollahi, a civil activist from Orumieh, has been sentenced to six months of imprisonment. The same news agency reported that three citizens from Bukan have been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Among the more distressing verdicts, was the sentence of one year of imprisonment for Mahsa Amrabadi, the wife of imprisoned journalist Masoud Bastani, by an appeals court. This has caused concern within the journalist society of Iran regarding this couple’s situation.
The mourners who were arrested at the funeral of Iranian soccer player Nasser Hejazi have been sent to Section 350 of Evin Prison. The physical and mental situation of Zahra Jabbari, one of the prisoners of the Qods day of last year, and Abdollah Momeni, the spokesman of the Office for Strengthening Unity, are critical. Authorities still do not allow Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, who underwent surgery for the second time on June 11th, to be temporarily released from prison. Despite the death of Reza Hoda Saber, the political prisoner who died on the ninth day of his hunger strike to protest Haleh Sahabi’s death, other prisoners still continue their hunger strike. Also in the Rajaishahr Prison of Karaj, three Kurd prisoners have started a hunger strike to protest to their own situation.
According to HERANA reports on Tuesday June 7th, ten prisoners, sentenced to death in Ghezelhesar prison, were executed after being transferred to Evin Prison. Also in the news; from Wednesday to Sunday, 5 prisoners in Kerman, Neyshaboor, and Dezful were executed and two of them were hung in public in Neyshaboor. This is while many families of prisoners in the Mashhad Prison have reported the execution of their loved ones without a trial.
National and Citizen Rights
Mehr news agency reports that on Wednesday June 8th, the court session of four activists and “teraktorsazi” soccer team fans was held in the First Branch of Tabriz Revolutionary Court under Judge Hamlbar. Also human rights defender websites report that Dr.EbrahimYazdi has been summoned to the prosecutor’s office in Evin Prison.
In the past week according to HERANA, in one 52 citizens in Mashhad have been arrested under charges of pick-pocketing, professional theft, selling anti-cultural products, sexual harassment, and weapon possession. Also five police groups in the Qom province arrested 150 people under various charges. Last week the news of armed men attacking a party, taking men as hostages and raping women angered the people of Isfahan who gathered in front of the prosecutor’s office and asked for the arrest and punishment of the individuals involved in this crime.
The arrest of three doctors is among the violations of national and citizen rights in the past week which received a lot of attention in human rights websites. The website Peyke Iran reports that the arrest of these doctors is a result of their research activities. The news from government news agencies, which saddened the human rights community and reflects the depth of devastation of poverty in the Islamic Republic of Iran, is the decrease in the age of prostitution.
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