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Human Rights Violations Report from June 12th – June 19th
Following the meeting of the UN Human Rights Council last March which resulted in the decision to appoint a Special Reporter to examine human rights in Iran, on June 17th, the former foreign minister of the Maldives Ahmed Shaheed was appointed the UN special reporter on human rights in Iran. Now all the hopes of a nation which has reached out to the international community are invested in this representative.
However, during the past week, news reports have described the human rights violations in Iran and the following is a reflection of these reports.
Universities and Students
According to reports from Iranian human rights websites, three student activists from Tabriz University Nima Pouryaghub, Sasan Vahebivash and Kamal Sadri Khosroshahi have been arrested. Also HERANA reports that Mehdi Tajik, a master’s student at Tehran University, has been summoned by the executions office of Evin Prison to serve his two year term of imprisonment and Mostafa Akhavan, a pilot student in an aviation college, has been sentenced to a year of Tazir imprisonment by the 15th Branch of the Tehran Revolutionary Court.
The situation of guilds and jobs is still in disarray. A Kurdistan teachers’ guild association member has been summoned for interrogation by the Kurdistan branch of the Ministry of Intelligence.
Last week’s labor news started with the report on the death of a worker in the gas organization of Sari. He was killed due to the collapse of a relatively deep well. However, as sanctions increase and and the negative effects caused by the plan to “target subsidies” arise, many manufacturers are facing a downturn and bankruptcy. Mehr news agency reports that the executive secretary of the Qazvin house of workers declared that Ziaran meat factory has been shut down. A member of the board of commission also claimed that the fifty percent closure of industrial units for cow and chicken meat in the country are a result of the uncoordinated enforcement of the “targeted subsidies” plan by parliament.
On the other hand HERANA reports that more than 2,500 workers of Saveh Rolling and Profile Mills Company and Safa Rolling and Pipe Mills Company have not been paid since the beginning of the Iranian year (March 21st). Similarly, workers of the Kashan spinning factories have not been paid for 33 months. Labor news agencies also reported on Saturday May 22nd, 12 labor activists and other individuals who attended a meeting in support of imprisoned labor activists were summoned to the Sanandaj Revolutionary Court.
Ethnic Minorities
HERANA reports that on June 11th security forces and the militia inspected the home of a Kurdish citizen called Teymur Lajevardi in the Islamabad area of Salmas where they hit and threatened his family. Also a Kurdish-Iraqi citizen in Baneh, Jabbar Rostam Morad, was sentenced to jail by the Revolutionary Court of Saghez.
Religious Minorities
Once again in the past week in the continuation of arrests of Baha’i society members of Iran, Riaz Sobhani, based in Tehran, and another Baha’i citizen, Dari Amri (Esmailpour) based in Mashhed, were arrested. Also according to reports of the Baha’i Society News Service, first grade Anahita Zahrai from Shiraz has been physically harassed by her teacher for not participating in public prayer in the school. She is enrolled in a state elementary school.
However, the human rights violations of religious minorities have continued with the discrimination of other religious minorities as well. Among the cases Mukrian News reports that the court has sentenced Abdollah Khosrozadeh, Hesam Mohammadi and Mahmoud Takhti to 5 years of imprisonment for cooperation with religious groups. They have already been imprisoned for 20 months. Also three Sunni citizens have been sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court.
The Press and Cultural
The arrests connected with the death of Hoda Saber and resulting protests continued last week. Among those arrested, Solmaz Ikdar, a journalist and reporter, was arrested in Beheshte Zahra cemetery during Hoda Saber’s funeral. Also a blogger Akbar Ruhani was arrested by Qom militia and he was taken to an unknown location after his shop in Ganjineh mall of Qom was inspected. Also according to HERANA news agency, security forces did not allow the daughter-in-law and grandchild of Ayatollah Amjad to exit the country. Following this, the website of Ayatollah Amjad was blocked. Also Mehrdad Ahmadzadeh, the national correspondent of the Iran newspaper was arrested by the police in Isfahan on June 10th. During the forced collection of satellite dishes in Gorgan, a citizen fell of his roof and was killed.
After a gang attack on a party in a garden in Khomeinishahr which ended in the sexual harassment of female participants and angered the people of Isfahan, last week the Imam Juma of Kashmar revealed a gang rape in Fujeh village. Reportedly in that incident, ten men raped a woman.
According to HERANA, no formal decision has been made concerning Ali Nasiri even though he has been imprisoned for two years. It is notable that this prisoner was 17 at the time of his arrest and is currently imprisoned in Section 5 of Rajaishahr Prison of Karaj. He had been detained as a result of a case fabricated by judiciary and security forces which claims he ran over a Basiji force.
Also this news agency reports that Mohammad Hosein Sohrabirad, a political prisoner in Evin Prison has stopped taking his medications to protest the failure of prison authorities to monitor his medical case. This is while 12 political prisoners are having a hunger strike to protest the death of Haleh Sahabi and Hoda Saber. Among other news related to political prisoners; the physical condition of two political prisoners Reyhaneh Hajebrahimi and Tahereh Bahrami is reported to be critical. A non-political prisoner in the Central Prison of Saghez has died. Also it is noted that according to HERANA, the attorney for imprisoned dervishes has been sent to the rehab section of the prison. Ashkan Zahabian, a member of the general council for the Office for Strengthening Cooperation was sent to Matikola Prison of Babol. He had been held in solitary confinement for 43 days detention in the detention center of the intelligence office of Sari (Shahid Kachui). Also Zahra Jabbari, one of the detainees of the Qods day protest of two years ago, has been sent to the Aminabad Mental Hospital after her condition turned critical.
In other news, five prisoners escaped from Sabzevar Prison. These prisoners had been arrested and charged with armed robbery and conflict with police forces. Their sentences ranged from 15 years imprisonment to execution. The Head of the Yazd judiciary system commented on the devastating conditions of prisons in Iran and confessed in an interview with Fars news agency that: “Unfortunately the physical atmosphere of Yazd prison is not suitable and is an explosive mood.”
Political Detentions
News websites reported that on June 12th, Manssureh Behkish, a family member of a 1980s prisoner, was arrested by security forces. Also HERANA reports that Ali Moezi, a political prisoner from the 1980s has been arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence and has been sent to an unknown location.
As usual, there were many confusing sentences from the IR courts. Mustafa Akhavan, a pilot student from the aviation college of Tehran University, was sentenced to a year of imprisonment by the 15th Branch of Tehran Revolutionary Court. Hanieh (Sharareh) Farshi, a citizen from Tabriz, was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment after 11 months of detention. Three Sunni citizens were sentenced to 15 years of Tazir imprisonment and two citizens from Bukan were sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment and a citizen from Masjid Soleyman was lashed last week. However, a questionable verdict was the sentence of 20 lashes and a USD 300 fine for three activists arrested in the meeting to protest the drying out of Orumieh Lake on June 15th which surprised human rights observers in Iran.
The execution of prisoners also continues in Iran. On June 12th, two prisoners charged with the murder of a 16 year old during a kidnapping were executed. HERANA reports that on Saturday June 18th, a citizen in the Central Prison of Shahrekurd and a citizen in the Neiriz of Fars province were hung.
It is notable that according to report of the Statistics Unit of the Human Rights Activists Association, during the past four weeks, 13 prisoners have been charged with rape and executed in different cities.
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