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A Weekly Report on Human Rights Violations in Iran from April 9th to 16th 2012
Last week following the release of official statistics, the Central Bank announced that 22.5 percent of Iranian families do not have jobs. According to employment statistics in the year 89 in most families, among people over the age of 6, 30.5 percent were employed, 4 percent unemployed, 9.7 percent were unemployed but had income, 24.3 percent were students, 26.5 percent were housewives and 5 percent belonged to other groups. (1) Another wonder of the Iranian judiciary was the conviction, based on Article 500 of the Islamic Penal Code, of the artist Aria Aramnejad for distributing works of art among people. He was previously released from prison after the charges against him were dropped. He has been sentenced to a year of Tazir imprisonment. (3) Mansoureh Behkish, a human rights activist and supporter of the Mourning Mother (Mothers of Laleh Park), who had been sentenced to four and a half years of Tazir imprisonment on April 3rd, says she has been additionally sentenced to four and a half years of imprisonment for going to the graves of the people who had been killed. (4) The following report describes the dozens of more instances of human rights violations in Iran during the past week.
As we approach International Labor Day on April 30th, in a statement, students of Tehran University announced that they consider labor rights as their own rights. (5)
According to HRANA, last week a number of teachers in Amol city gathered in front of parliament and demanded to be hired by the Ministry of Education. (6) Also according to a report from the website Mukrian, a number of truck drivers gathered in the border region of Tamrchin in Piranshahr to protest not having the necessary area for loading and unloading. (7)
Religious Minorities
According to the Human Rights Activists in Iran, Sarir Sadeghi, a Baha’i citizen based in Karaj, was arrested by security forces at his home on April 9th. (8) Also the same website reports that Eskandar Bahrami and Abubakr Amini, two citizens from Dezli village in the suburbs of Marivan, were killed as a result of a mine explosion near the village Shushmi Olia along the border with Nousud. (9) Human Rights Activists in Iran reported that the Ministry of Intelligence arrested 15 Balooch citizens who are charged with the assassination of Molavi Mostafa Zehi, the Friday prayer Imam of Rasek city. (10)
Ethnic Minorities
According to Mukrian, last week a student from Sanandaj was arrested for publishing lies. (11) According to HRANA, five Kurdish citizens called Azadmirza Rahmati, Yousef Salehzadeh, Abbas Ebadi, Mohammad Mahmoudi and Hossein Hedayati were arrested by security forces. (12) Also the judiciary in Khuzestan province recently sentenced an Arab-Iranian citizen to death. (13) The website Oyrenci reports that Faraj Nouri, an Azeri activist from Ahar, was summoned by Tabriz revolutionary court. (14) According to this website which reports on human rights in Azerbaijan, Mehrdad Karami, Ebrahim Rashidi Savalan, Afshin Shahbazi, Ruzbeh Sa’adati and Moghammad Ahadi were arrested by security forces in Tabriz, Mianeh and Ardebil. After being tortured and detained in solitary confinement in the intelligence office, they were transferred to Tabriz prison. Two months later, they are still imprisoned and their detention warrant has been renewed by Hashem Zadeh, the deputy of Tabriz prosecutor. (15)
Culture, Communications and the Press
According to HRANA, last week the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Mellate Ma” (Our Nation) appeared in court and was sentenced to imprisonment, lashes and a fine. (16) According to this human rights website, Amir Ehsan Tehrani, a cultural and human rights activist, has been serving his term of imprisonment in Evin Prison since February 14th. (17) The same website reports that Hezbollah of Rasht shut down the movie theatre in this city to protest the screening of the movie “Gashte Ershad.” (18)
Civil Rights
Human Rights Activists in Iran report that last week, Ahmad Reza Radan, the deputy of the Tehran police commander, announced that more satellite dishes will be confiscated from homes in continuation of the “Social Security Plan.” (19)Hakimeh Shokri and Neda Modstaghimi, two mourning mothers of Laleh Park, and Mehdi Ramezani, father of Ramin Ramezani who was killed during the protests after the 2009 election, appeared in the 28th branch of the revolutionary court under Judge Moghiseh. (20) After failed efforts by the Ministry of Intelligence to arrest Amir Iranshahi, his family has been threatened by the ministry. (21) According to the website Iran Khabar, Mansouor Behkish announced that he has been sentenced to four and a half years of imprisonment for going to a graveyard. (22) Ali Hajabollu, known as Hassan Ark was sentenced to 50 lashes in the 106th branch of Tabriz penal court. (23)
University and Students
According to Daneshjoo News, last week imprisoned student Javad Alijani was sent to the clinic in Evin prison for internal bleeding. (23) According to this student website, last year universities again witnessed efforts by government forces to suppress university student movements. (24) HRANA reports that in the opening ceremony of the first center for expansion of human resources units in Qom, Kamran Daneshjoo announced that those active in the aftermath of the 2009 election will not be allowed to study at universities. (25) Also HRANA reports that Hossein Taheri, a student activist at Shiraz University, and a Ph.D. student called Masoud Sepehr were arrested on March 1st at their homes. (26) HRANA writes that 15 female students in Shahrekord University were expelled from the dormitory for insufficient Islamic Hijab. (27)
The website Iran Karga website that last week the workers of Zagros steel company gathered in front of the governor’s office in Ghorveh to protest the closure of the factory for the past month. (28) The Islamic Republic approved a May Day rally for workers in the deserts around Beheshte Zahra graveyard. (30) Reza Shahabi, a labor activist and member of Tehran Bus Drivers’ Guild, was sentenced to six years of Tazir imprisonment by Judge Salavati in the 15th branch of the revolutionary court. (31) A worker was killed due to safety hazards while digging the foundations for a building. (32) Four workers of the Ijrood natural gas company in Zanjan province suffocated due to gas leak. (33) According to HRANA, Mohammad Safar Lafvati, a labor activist and journalist who had recently been released from prison, has been suspended from work under pressure from the Ministry of Intelligence. (34) Last week 2,000 workers of the “Neybor agro-industrial Company” in Shushtar had a strike in front of the entrance to the factory to protest not receiving a raise and their insurances not being paid. (35) The “Navid Mangenez” factory in Isfahan was shut down and 150 workers lost their jobs because of not receiving energy subsidies.
Human Rights Activists in Iran say that the 104 branch of the penal court of Tabriz and the 1st branch of Tabriz evolutionary court sentenced women’s rights activist Faranak Farid to 91 days of Tazir imprisonment and a 10 million Rials fine. (37) This human rights website also writes that a mother and daughter who were victims of an acid attack by the father of the family in Bam are under the care of doctors who are trying to save their vision. (38)
According to Human Rights Activists in Iran, Bashir Ehsani, an education rights activist and a member of the anti discrimination society for education, was sentenced to two years of Tazir imprisonment and a three year suspended sentence by the 54th branch of the appeals court. (38) Hossin Sarbandi, a Mir Hossein Mousavi campaigner, was sentenced to a year of Tazir imprisonment. (39) According to HRANA, Aria Aramnejad was once again sentenced to a year of imprisonment. (40) Kurosh Zaeem, a member of the National Front, was sentenced to three years of imprisonment by the 14th branch of the revolutionary court. (41) According to the website Oyrenci, Ali Hajabollu known as Hassan Ark was sentenced to 50 lashes by the 106th branch of the penal code in Tabriz. (42) Human Rights Activists in Iran report that women’s rights activist Faranak Farid was sentenced to 91 days of imprisonment and a 10 million Rials fine. (43)
Prison and Prisoners
Last week Iran Khabar news agency reported that on Sunday April 15th, political prisoner Arjang Davoodi was summoned from ward No.4 by Modarresi, the head of the IRGC ward, without being announced a reason, and was sent to the torture section of the Ministry of Intelligence. (44) Misagh Yazdannejad, a political prisoner in hall 12 of ward 4 of Rajaishahr prison of Karaj, is deprived of medical care despite suffering from critical mental and health conditions. (45) According to Daneshjoo News website, last week Javad Alijani, an imprisoned university student, was sent to the prison clinic for internal bleeding. (46) According to HRANA, last week the pressure on Baha’i prisoners in Shiraz and their families intensified. (47) Human Rights Activists in Iran report that Reza Sharifi Bukani, a political prisoner in Rajaishahr prison, is in very critical condition due to lack of medical care and being deprived the right to a furlough. (48) Last week six agents of the Ministry of Intelligence took Habibollah Golparipour to their section in Semnan prison and threatened to execute him. (49)Zaynab Jalalian, a political prisoner in Kermanshah prison, was sent to the prison clinic yesterday. (50) Baha’i prisoner Shahram Chinian, was transferred to Rajaishahr prison of Karaj. (51) Javad Alikhani, a student activist imprisoned in Evin prison who is suffering internal bleeding and kidney problems, was sent to the prison clinic again. (52) According to HRANA, Reza Joshan, a political prisoner in Rajaishahr prison of Karaj, has been tried again, this time for Moharebeh. (53)
Daneshjoo News reports that the death sentence for Hamid Ghasemishal, a political prisoner in Evin prison, has been set to the sentence implementation office. (53) According to Human Rights Activists in Iran, last week five prisoners whose names are not known, were executed in Kerman and Bam prisons. (54) Five prisoners convicted of armed robbery from a gold shop stood before the revolutionary court in Isfahan and were sentenced to death for Moharebeh. (55) The supervisor of the judiciary and public prosecutor of Tabas announced the execution of two drug-related prisoners in the prison of this city. (56) According to HRANA last Tuesday morning, three prisoners who had been sentenced to death in two separate cases were executed in Shahrekord central prison. (57) The lashing sentence of two citizens in public in Shahrood city was carried out on Sunday, April 15th.
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