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A Narrative of Death in Iranian Prisons

Posted by IHRV On July - 21 - 2012

A Weekly Report on Human Rights Violations in Iran from June 25th to July 1st

Last week Vice-President of the Iranian organization Defenders of Human Rights Narges Mohammadi wrote a letter to the Tehran prosecutor which described her illegal detention in Zanjan prison. She stated, “I urge and solemnly declare that this kind of behavior will cause my gradual death and authorities will be held responsible. Also, keeping me in an agitated prison environment, especially in a common criminal ward alongside murderers and drug dealers and other issues that I cannot speak of in the interest of society, is an intentional killing.” (1) Also last week, security forces detained 11 Mahabadi civilians and several of them are still in prison without any reason being provided for their detention. (2) In addition, 15 activists of the Democratic Alliance and Kurdish students went on hunger strike to, “insist on the support of human dignity and fundamental human rights and also sympathize with the families of political prisoner Mr. Kaboudvand.” (3) Security forces arrested Yashar Khamene’s father last week. Yashar is a student of business administration and active in the “campaign to remind the Shiite Imam Naqi” aimed at preventing his activities. (4) Dozens more human rights violations against the Iranian people are included in this report.

In a letter addressed to senior judicial officials, more than 100 journalists stated their concern about Ahmad Amouyi’s unfair conditions in prison. (5) Amnesty International issued a statement condemning the execution of four Iranian Arabs in Ahwaz (6). In its annual report on human rights, the U.S. Department of State published application forms of Human Rights in Iran. (7) Great Britain’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the execution of at least four of Khuzestan Arab citizens. (8) In relation to the executions in Ahwaz, three UN human rights special rapporteurs on Iran condemned the executions and torture. (9) A statement by the Human Rights Watch criticized the death sentences for two Iranians who were convicted on charges of drinking alcoholic beverages. (10)
According to a report from Harana, Zanjanian optical technicians protested in front of the Medical Science department in Zanjan. (11) Also in order to improve the plan on ethical security, public and moral authorities in the province of Qazvin shutdown 14 trade units and two units were given written notice to implement the plan. (12). Government officials suspended 60 trade units in Sistan and Baluchistan’s province. (13)

Religious minorities
According to Human Rights Activists in Iran, Neda Sabeti, a Baha’i from Khorramshahr, was summoned to the headquarters of the press office in Abadan. (14) Taher Eskandarian, a Baha’i in Semnan, was arrested in front of her house and so far, no information concerning her condition has been released. (15) Last week, security agencies reached a dealing with dervishes in Sqad and Kavar cities and an agreement with the owners of Gonabadian’s Dervishes is on their agenda. (16)
Ethnic minorities
Iran News reported that over the last week, 11 Mahabadi citizens were detained by security forces and several of them were imprisoned. (17) Hrana reported that a Kurdish hospital employee in Bokan was arrested by security guards on Sunday June 24th. (18) Kurds who are living in the Kurdish community centre issued a statement on last week’s anniversary of the chemical bombing. (19). The website Mukrian reported that the head of household workers announced, “On Tuesday last week, hundreds of municipality workers in Oroomiyeh gathered at city hall to protest against a removal contractor.”(20)
Culture, Communication and Press
According to Human Rights Activists in Iran last week, Mohammad Reza Khodayi, the Social and Cultural Deputy of Lorestan University, expressed the university decided to hack “illegal” websites inside and outside of Iran. (21) According to the government website Daneshjoo K, Ali Akbar Javanfekr, the managing director of “Iran’s Newspaper,” fired the newspaper’s economic secretary and eight press reporters (22). Daneshjoo Online reported that in the ongoing pressure and restrictions placed on artists and cultural events, a public administrator stopped Salar Aghili’s concert in Hamadan. (23)
University and students
Harana reported that Reza Setayesh Afza, a political activist and former student activist from Azad University in Karaj, was arrested by security agents and taken to an unknown location on Saturday, June 23rd. (24) It was also reported that tuition for a PhD at Tehran University has reached up to 45 to 55 Toman that is equal with 23 to 28 thousands dollars. (25). According to human right sources, security forces arrested Yashar Khamene’s father to prevent his son’s activities in “Naqi’s Campaign.” Yashar is a student of business administration who is active in the “campaign to remind the Shiite Imam Naqi.” (26) Kalame’s website reported that four labor and human rights activists in Evin prison issued a statement which warned the government on recent rocketing inflation. They also stated their support of the protests of thousands of workers and condemned their arrests. (27)

Civil Rights
Mukrian reports that the West Azerbaijan’s Coffee nets will be fitted with closed-circuit televisions (28). According to government officials, in some provinces service and transportation providers, taxis and even bakeries and food vendors are required not provide services to illegal immigrants, (29 Harana’s website announced that on Tuesday morning last week, Mr. Vahid Rastgoo from Tabriz was arrested at his father’s home (30).

Labor Forces
Based on the website “Iran-Karegar,” a 40-year old worker lost his life due to a gas leak in a coal mine in Zarand last week. (31) Iran-Karegar also reported that four thousand workers are unemployed or on the verge being laid-off. (32) A total of 667 automobile employees from Shahab Khodro Company have been laid-off. (33) Jaber Ebne Hayyan’s factory fired more than 90 of their employees. (34) The website Iran-Karegar also reported that six human rights activists in province of Rasht were transferred to detention after brutal beatings. (35)
In the report from Human Rights Activists in Iran, Mahmoud Bagheri, a board member of the teachers’ union in Iran, was arrested and sentenced to nine and a half years imprisonment (36). Also the execution of a man who was accused of accidental homicide of his wife was confirmed by the 6th branch of the Supreme Court. (37)
Prisons and Prisoners
The Iranian news agency reported on Monday, June 25th Abolfazl Qdyany, a member of the Islamic Revolution of Mujahidin’s Organization, was summoned to the 4th branch at Evin’s prison for the fifth time during his detention. (38) Also this news agency reported that Gohardasht’s defenseless political prisoners began a strike in protest. (39) A special section of Gohardasht’s prisoners protested against their transfer to a new clause and a lack of facilities. (40) Artist and spiritual critic Muhammad Sadiq (Arash), who had a few days of sick leave from prison due to deteriorating health caused by epilepsy, has had his sentencing rescheduled. (41) In protest to the decision by authorities to transfer Karaj’s political prisoners from the 12th hall to the 10th hall in Evin’s prison where there are already 53 prisoners, these political prisoners refused government supported lunch and dinners. (42) Harana reports that Arjang Davoodi, a political prisoner held in Hall 12 of Rajayi Sahar prison, was transferred to section 209 of Evin prison. (43) Saeed Madani, a member of the National- Religious Activists, was returned to ward 209 of Evin prison one day after being transferred to the general ward 350. (44)
From Iran Khabar’s website, Samad Qasim Pour, the fifth Representative of Islamic Assembly, was sentenced to death. (45) Last week, the Chief of Justice of Sistan and Baluchistan confirmed the execution of two suspects of Zahedan’s mosque bombing in the Iranian year 1389. (46) The Chief of Justice of Abyk’s city announced the execution of three people convicted of drug trafficking was approved by the Public Prosecutor (47). Harana reported that last week two prisoners, one convicted of drug smuggling and the other one charged with the harassment of women were publicly executed at dawn today in the city Robak Karim. (48) The Chief of Justice of Ardebil province announced a major drug trafficker was sentenced to death in Ardebil. (49)
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