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Unprecedented Inflation and the Hardships of Daily Life

Posted by IHRV On July - 30 - 2012

A Weekly Report on Human Rights Violations in Iran from July 15 to 22, 2012.
The high rate of inflation is rooted in the poor management of the economy and foreign sanctions. It is unbearable for many people in Iran as some even have problems to buy bread. According to the news agency Iran Khabar, bakeries are unable to sell all of their products and the unsold products become waste. In some parts of Tehran, bakeries were closed or decreased their working hours due to the drop in sales. Bakeries in districts such as Rah Ahan, Qazvin SQ, Kamally and Monirieh have shut down. (1)

The critical economic situation has caused the price of beef and chicken to sharply increase. In response the government is subsidizing meat to keep the price low in cities. Long queues have formed and people wait for several hours for this meat. (2) In some cities such as Mashahd chicken has become scarce and difficult to obtain. (3)
In the political sphere, the situation in prisons is deteriorating and prisoners of conscience are mistreated. Narges Mohamamdi, a human rights activist in Zanjan prison, is suffering from poor physical health and was banned from meeting her sons. (4) The following report includes more news and reports concerning human rights violations in Iran.
Nobel Prize winner Shirian Ebadi released her second monthly report in English and Farsi. This report described human rights violations in Kordestan, Khozestan, Sistan and Baluchistan. She demanded an end to discrimination in these provinces where ethnic minorities dominate the population. (5)
The organization for justice wrote a letter to Catherine Ashton, the head of EU foreign policy, to include the names of four Iranian officials on the EU sanction list. These officials participated in the mistreatment of Arab prisoners. (6).
Three American senators urged President Obama to add the names of 65 Iranian authorities, who engaged in human rights violations, on the list of those targeted by US sanctions.
According HARNA, last week the head of police in Lorestan province stated, “73 stores and shopping centers were shut down due to misconduct.” (8) Also this human rights news agency reported that a group of child mentors from different parts of the country gathered in front of parliament and organized a sit-in on July 15th (9).
Religious minorities
A group of human rights defenders reported that Goudarz Bidaghi, a Baha’i resident from Mahdishahr, was taken to Semnan prison in order to serve his one year term of imprisonment. (10)
Erfan Ehsani, another Baha’i resident of Semnan, was sentenced to one year in jail. (11)
Sara Mahboobi, a Baha’i student arrived at Sari prison to serve out her ten month prison sentence. A couple of months ago she had been banned from continuing her education at the graduate level. (12)
Also in the city Bojnourd, anti-moral corruption authorities closed a place of business which belonged to a Baha’i resident. (13)
According HARANA, Farana Hesami, a Baha’i university professor at the Baha’i On-line University was arrested to serve out her sentence. She has a three year old toddler and her husband, Kamran Rahimian, is currently in Rajayi Shahr prison along with a group of tutors from that university. (14)
Ethnical minorities
According to Kordpa news agency, 27-year old Kurd Adibeh Kalantari was detained by security forces of Ravansar city during the second half of July. She is currently being detained in an unknown location. (15)
The website Moukrian reported that some police agents tried to collect satellite dishes in Boukan in the province West Azerbaijan. (16)
Mahmoud Fattahzadeh, a resident of Sagehs city in Kordestan province, was sentenced to two years in prison by the revolutionary court of this city. He was charged with conduct against national security. (17)
Also the website Moukrian reported that Kurdish laborer Pedram Naroallahi was sentenced to three years imprisonment by the revolutionary court for organizing propaganda against Islamic Republic. (18)
Culture, communication and media
HARANA reported that Ahamd Shariat, the director of the website Nedayi Az Daroon, was detained. He is a supporter of Ahmadinejad’s state. (19) Also, this human rights group informed that three environmental activists in Kurdestan province, Koba Govili, Verya Khosravi, and Kamran Rahimi, received jail sentences by the first branch of the revolutionary court in Sanandaj city. (20)
Dr.Hesam Firouze, a prominent human rights physician, went to Evin prison to serve his one year jail sentence on July 20th. (21)
The Markazi province branch of the judiciary sent a file on a cartoonist to media court. This cartoonist lives in Arak city and has been sentenced to lashing before (22) Ali Samadpour, a poet who lives in Sarab city, was detained at his house on June 30. (23)
University and students
Daneshjoo news reported that the Office for the Consolidation of Unity, the main student organization in Iran, delivered its second special report concerning violations on students’ rights to Ahamd Shahid, a special envoy for the UN human rights council. (24)
This website also informed that Dr. Parvis Piran, a famous sociologist and university professor of Allameh Tabatabayi, was dismissed from this university (25).
Also Daneshjoo news reported that leftist student Ali Ajami was banned from education. He was admitted to the university in 2005 and ranked highly that year in the national entrance test. He had just 15 credits left when he was expelled from his studies. (26)
In a surprising act, the guardian department at Isfahan University warned its students to leave Facebook as soon as possible! (27)
The website Nedaye Azadi informed that student activists Adele Mohamamd Hosseini was taken to Evin prison on July 19. (29)
Civil Rights
Ilna quoted that the head of Fata police who stated that police will act against cell phone texts which content is considered criminal. Criminal content may be immoral, political, cultural or not compatible with the regime’s agenda. (28)
HARANA reported that security agents arrested more than ten civil rights activists in Saran city on July 1st. The Tabriz branch of intelligence system ordered their detention. The detainees are being investigated by authorities at the Tabriz intelligence center. (30).
Vahid Rastgo, a resident of Tabriz, was arrested in his father’s home on July 18th. (31).
The website Moukrian quoted a member of the Islamic council at the Mahabad ranching complex. He stated that more than 40 employees of this unit have not been paid in nine months. (32) Iran Khabar agency released the results of a field study which shows that the economic crisis has caused some ranches in Tehran to go bankrupt. This study concluded that the government did not react effectively to solve this problem. (33)
The website Iran Kargar informed that a temporary contract was the subject of protest at the Sepahan cement production factory in Isfahan. (34)
HARANA also reported that seventy workers at the Kamkan bolts production factory in Sirjan city were fired in July. The reason is the significant drop of sales that has caused serious trouble for factory. (36)
Prisoners of Conscience
HARANA reported that Mojgan Mahmoudian, a social activist who received a six month jail sentence, has been in Evin prison since June. (37) The family of Majid Dory, a prisoner of conscience, stated in an interview with Rozo on-line that their son has been deprived of all rights as a prisoner and authorities have linked these legal rights to his repentance. (38).
HARANA also reported that Zeynab Jalalian, who is currently on death row, is suffering from severe vision problems and intestinal bleeding. Prison authorities have refused to send her for treatment in an appropriate medical center (39).
Vahid Rstgoo, from Tabriz city, was arrested on June 27th and was sent to the methadone section of Tabriz prison. Hanieh Farshi, a women rights activist in women’s ward of Evin prison, suffers from kidney pain but her request to receive treatment has not yet been fulfilled. (41). Also this group reported that Ashraf Alikhani, a female poet who is also in the woman’s ward of Evin prison, has launched a hunger strike. (42)
A group of human rights defenders reported that Afshain Yavari, a prisoner in the security section of Rajayi Shar, was taken to Rajayi hospital in Karaj in critical condition. He experienced neurological attacks due to a decrease in his medication by the medical center of the prison. (43)
The website Moukrian reported that Zaniar and Loghman Morady were forbidden to meet with their relatives due to an order by a high-ranking judiciary official. These two famous Kurdish prisoners received the death penalty several years ago. This ban increases the possibility that their executions are nearing. (44)
HARANA reported that political prisoner Gholamreza Khosravi is supposed to be executed on September 9th. He has been in prison since 2007 and also spent several years in jail in the 1980s. (45).
The Supreme Court confirmed the execution sentence of a person accused of a murder which occurred during a struggle in the electricity cable robbery case. The name of victim is Mohammad. (46)
HARANA reported the criminal court of Tehran province sentenced a high school student to the death penalty .He had been charged with murder. (47)
Three prisoners in Isfehan prison were hanged on July 23rd. Judiciary officials claimed they were involved in drug trafficking.
This group also reported that a prisoner accused of rape and kidnapping was executed in public in Shiraz city on July 23rd.(49)
Lastly, the general prosecutor in Qazvin city confirmed the execution of two prisoners and announced that seven other prisoners who received the death penalty will be hanged on July 23rd. (50)
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