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A new wave of Detention in Iran

Posted by IHRV On August - 4 - 2012

A Weekly Report on Human Rights Violations in Iran from July 22 to 29, 2012
The Iranian government has increased the number of arrests and punishments in order to contain dissent by the suffering Iranian population. In the past week twenty Kurdish activists from Mahabad were sentenced to a total of 67 years imprisonment by the revolutionary court of Mahabad. They had been arrested in the fall of 2011. (1)
Based on information from human rights groups in Iran, pressures such as summons, interrogations, arrests and trials in court against civil rights activists and dissidents have increased. In recent weeks, intelligence agents have focused on Azeri activists and have arrested some of them. (2)
Also, the economic crisis and poor standard of living of workers has caused several labor protests. On July 29th, three labor rights and workers’ organization gathered together in front of parliament and requested officials to meet their demands. (3)
The intelligence unit of the revolutionary guard arrested some cyber activists and is withholding information from their families as to where the activists are being kept. Some family members of the detainees went to Evin prison and asked for them but nobody answered them. This unknown situation has spread fear and worry among the families of the arrested cyber activists. (4)
The following report details the dozens of other human rights violations in Iran.
A group of Iranian activists who describe themselves as anti-ethnic discrimination called for a demonstration against the bad treatment of Afghan immigrants in Iran. (5) The International Union of Food (IUF) released a statement about the poor situation of workers in Iran which condemned the security pressures against labor protests and requested authorities to respect labor rights in Iran.(6)
According HARANA, seven tea houses were shut down due to violating regulations by Amaken by law. Amaken is a branch of police that is responsible for monitoring public places and markets in order to preserve the rules issued by the government. Some of these rules restrict social rights. Also Amaken in Tehran issued warnings for 20 shops and businesses. (7)
The head of information and general security department of police in Alborz province stated, “In the program to monitor tea houses and coffee shops, so far 143 units have been closed and 232 trade units received warnings.”(8) Based on this human rights defenders website, five restaurants and cafes that broke the prohibition to eat and drink during Ramadan were shut down. The head of information and general security department of police in Lorestan province informed that 27 delis and grocery stores were sealed off in this central western province (10).
1,333 business units were closed down in Azerbayejan Sharghi province without the framework of an improved social security plan. (11)
Religious Minorities
A group of human rights defenders released a report about the harassment and violation of basic human rights of the Baha’i people. (12).
This group reported that Kasra Nouei, a Gonabadi Dervish, had an interdict extended on him for the third time. He is now in Adel Abad prison in Shiraz city. (13)
Baha’is Nader Kasayi and Neda Majidi received fines and were sentenced to jail and by the revolutionary court in Semnan. (14)
According HARANA, 17 Gonabadi Dervishes were summoned to the revolutionary court of Shiraz. They have been charged with actions against national security. (15).
This human rights news agency informed that Nahis Zahraei, a Baha’i resident from Tehran, was arrested on July 23rd.
Ethnical minorities
Moucrian website quoted a conversation with the general director of prisons administration in Kermanshah province who stated that, “the number of drug-addicted women in prison has increased by 100 percent in this province.” However, this fact shows an increase in criminal drugs consumption and many experts and socialists believe that addiction is a sickness and should not be criminalized. (17)
This website also reported that according to the director of the welfare organization in Kordestan province, 306 child abuse cases were recorded by this organization since March, 2011.(18)
HARANA reported that three Kurdish activists in Mahabad city received verdicts of one to three years imprisonment. (19)
Also, Shir Ahamd Shirani, a Blauch citizen, was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment in Ardabil prison. He was charged with a “war against God” by the revolutionary court of Zahedan city. (20)
According to Daneshjoo on-line website which publishes a report on the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, 28 residents in the western part of Iran received the death sentence because of their membership in Kurdish opposition parties and participation in the assassination of a Sunni member of the Iranian parliament. Their sentence is being reviewed by the Supreme Court. (21)
Jaras website reported that a staff member from the Islamic jurist and member of the Kordestan Quran school was arrested by security agents.(22)
Culture, communication and media
Jaras website reported that 18 members of the Cultural Association of Great Iranian Children were arrested for supporting the green movement. Nine of them received heavy sentences by Judge Pirabbasi in the 26th branch of revolutionary court in Tehran. These sentences were confirmed by the 54th branch of the appeals court under Judge Movahedi.(23)
University and students
According to Daneshjoo news website, Mitra Aali, a high ranking student from Sharif University, was taken to Evin prison to serve her sentence on July 17th. (24)
Civil Rights
HARNA reported that brothers Farhad, aged 10, and Farid Akbari Fazli, aged 21, were taken to Behebhan prison to serve their sentence. They received a verdict of respectively, 7 and 9 months imprisonment. (25) Hamid Ghovati, Mehdi Ajhdari and Mohammad Khakpour , from Ardabil city, received a subpoena to appear before the revolutionary court of Ardabil city on September 4.(26)
HARANA reported of an increase in pressure against farmers who live near the borders. Authorities have forced the farmers to provide commitments which keep them away from the borders. (27)
Arab activist Habib Halafi was arrested in his house in Hamidieh city on July 23rd and sent to the security prison. (28)
HARNA reported that a representative of the employees from Naghse Iran factory employee stated that, “15 months’ salary and four months health insurance for the workers has not been paid.” (29)
A group of workers fired from the Alvand converted industry organized a sit-in in front of Hamadan county building. (30)
Also HARANA told Pedram Nasrollahi, a labor activist and member of the coordination committee to aid in the formation of unions, was sentenced to three years jail (31).
The secretary of the Worker House in Khouzestan province warned about the potential closure of large production units in the province. He also informed that some workers have not been paid in 20 months. (32)
HARANA reported almost 100 employees who are working on the construction of Zivieh dam have not received their salary in the last four months. (33)
Prisoners of Conscience
Moulerian website reported that Iraj Mohamamdi, Mohaamad Amin Aghoushi , and Ahmad Poulad Khani, three prisoners from Oroumieh, were transferred from Oroumieh prison to Zahedan prsion in the east-south of Iran.(34)
Daneshjoo news reported that all books, writings and personal belongings of prisoners of conscience in Karoun prison were collected by the authorities and taken out of the prison. This action happened after the execution of four Arab activists. (35)
Also this website informed that recently the Rajayi Shar prison stores began rationing goods. (36)
HARNA reported that Ismaeil Barzegari, who has been on a hunger strike, is in very poor physical health. (37)
Eighty Sunni prisoners in Zahedan prison were transferred to an unknown location and some of them were sent to solidarity confinement after being beaten. This transfer happened after the authorities suppressed their protest against the poor conditions in prison. (38)

The Supreme Court confirmed two death sentences for rape and murder. (40)
HARANA reported that the Supreme Court confirmed the execution of a prisoner whose name is Reza. He was accused of killing an elderly person during a robbery. (41)
Also this website reported about the finalization of two death penalty sentences. The first is associated with a person who stabbed and killed a girl in Taleghani Park in Tehran. The second is for another murder case where the accused killed a person during a conflict which took place at night.
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