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Increased Police Patrols in Tehran

Posted by IHRV On August - 14 - 2012

A Weekly Report on Human Rights Violations in Iran from July 30th to August 5th
The security atmosphere has intensified in Tehran since some unknown groups and individuals have called for demonstrations to protest the increasing inflation and corruption. They spread their demands through mobile text messages. Police and plain clothes security personnel have appeared in the most important and frequented districts of Tehran. They are observing and patrolling squares such as Vanak, Enghelab, Valiasr, Haft tir and Ferdousi. (1)
Twenty-eight Kurdish prisoners were sentenced to death. Seventeen of them requested an appeal but were denied by the Supreme Court and so they wait for their execution. The international campaign for human rights released a report about them and published the names of all those who received the death penalty.
Kurdish activist Zeynab Jalalian, who has been jailed for the last couple of years, is suffering from poor physical health.
Kurdish prisoners Shirko Marafei and Habibiollah Golparipour had their death sentences approved by the Supreme Court. (2)
People who live in Bandarabbas city in southern central Iran stand in queues for a long time in 50°C temperatures to get cheap chicken due to a significant meat shortage in Iran.(3)
The following report describes the dozens of other human rights violations in Iran.
In a joint statement by Nobel Prize winner Shirin Ebadi, the International Federations of Human Rights associations and the association of human rights in Iran, they protested the bad treatment of prisoners of conscience in Iran.(4)
According HARANA, a large group of preschool, contractual and other teachers gathered in front of parliament building to find out about their employment statutes on August 5. (5)
Also this human rights defender website reported on a statement made by the head of police in Sary city. He confirmed during a meeting of police stations commanders that 35 restaurants, cafes and traditional food houses were shut down due to violations of the regime’s cultural order.(6)
Religious minority
The human rights defender group reported that after the arrest of 10 Baha’i residents of Isfahan and Yazd city on July 31 many more Baha’i people were detained. (7)
Also this group stated that intelligence agents inspected the house and store of two Baha’is in Ghaem Shahr city. Their names are Hossein Fadaeian and Shanaz Ranjbar. (8)
Members of the Yazd branch at the Ministry of Intelligence arrested five Baha’i residents from Yazd. Their names are Iman Rashidi, Farahnaz Misaghian, Fariba Ashtari, Fariborz Baghi and his wife. (9)
Also security officials in Isfahan city detained and interrogated five Baha’i residents whose names are Enayatolalh Naghipour, Shahram Eshraghi, Sasan Haghiri, Saba Golshan and Khanom Pour Khorsand on July 30. (10)
According to HARANA, Mostafa Abdi, a Gonabadi Dervish, was summoned to the fifth branch of the revolutionary court of Tehran in order to investigate his file. (11)
Ethnic minority
Moukrian news agency reported that four Kurds who live in the village Koul Abad near Boukan city were sentenced to six months imprisonment by the revolutionary court of Mahabad city. Social activist Ahmad Moradi, who lives in Sanandaj, was summoned to the information section of intelligence office of Sanandaj on July 30. (13)
Also according to Moukrian, almost 40 per cent of residents in Javanroud villages do not have access to clean water and waste system. (14)
Vali Falahi, Mohamamd Ahmadi, and Morteza Amini, three residents of Naghadeh, Boukan, and Mahabad city, respectively, were arrested and taken into custody without being charged. (15)
Culture, communication and media
According HARANA, journalist and political activist Mehdi Fakhrzadeh was arrested in Tehran on July 29 by security forces.
Also in the increase of pressure on dissidents, Mouris Baghei who is member of the oppositional political party Melli-Mazhabi, was fired from his job.
HARANA also reported that the head of the cyber section at the police department in Azerbaijan Sharghi province informed, “Seven cyber activists who live in Tabriz city were detained because they engaged in facilitating access to free internet.”(18)
Journalist Mohammad Hassan Rouzei Talab received four months in jail for criticizing the government. (19)
University and students
Daneshjoo news website reported that in the national Iranian university entrance exam, gender segregation was widespread. This exam is for the upcoming academic year. Same-sex classes were presented at more than 60 universities and in more than 600 subjects for the new academic year. The students who passed the entrance exam cannot equally choose subjects as females have more restrictions. (20) It seems the government is serious on imposing gender segregation during university admission procedures and also preventing an increase in the female student population. This year, 60 per cent of young people who participated in the national university entrance exams were female.
The website Daneshjoo reported that, “The president of Razi Kermanshah University stated that new departments are being built outside of the city, and new subjects will adopt a policy of gender segregation.”(2)
According HARANA, the fifteenth branch of revolutionary court in Tehran under Judge Salavati sentenced Mohamamd Haoosein Mozafafri to a suspended one year prison sentence. This sentence includes a probation period of five years. (22)
This human rights defender group also reported that Allameh Tabatabayi University in Tehran applied gender segregation in nine subjects out of 19. This university focuses exclusively on the social sciences. (23)
Civil Rights
According to Harana, Hamid Mafi and Hassan Ghanbari received one year imprisonment and one year suspended jail sentence, respectively, because of their participation in a peaceful protest against the government regarding the drying out of Oroumieh lake. (24)
An increase in stationery imports from China caused the closure of Pars Aslat factory and in turn the unemployment of workers who had at least 10 years of experience. (25)
HARANA quoted a labor activist in Mazandaran province that 180 workers from Pich Kouban Company in Savad Kous city have had their salaries deferred for the last three months. (26)
Prisoners of Conscience
According Daneshjoo news, Mohaamd Eskandari was transferred to the quarantine section of the central prison in Tabriz after 72 days straight in solidarity confinement. (72)
HARANA reported that the bail for Ahmad Karimi’s temporarily release is USD 600,000. He is a political activist that received 15 years in jail and is exiled in Gonbad Kavous prison. (28)
Mohamamd Eskandari, a civil activist in Tabriz, is suffering from poor health and is in serious condition. Some of his friends claim he was torched by his interrogators.(29)
Six Kurdish prisoners in Uroumieh prison were threatened and investigated by intelligence agents on August 2. (30)
According to HARANA, Mohammad Saber Malek Raeisi was taken to an unknown location. He was detained when he was 17 years old and had received 15 years imprisonment. Recently, he had complained about his situation. (31)
Political prisoner Abolfazl Ghadyani went to hospital after starting a hunger strike. (32)
HARANA reported that two prisoners of conscience were charged with insulting the Supreme Leader. They are in Behebhan prison and have been suffering from mistreatment by ordinary prisoners who were provoked by the prison manager. (33)
HARANA reported that the justice office of Alborz province informed that an execution of a person who killed a staff member at Karaj prison is definitive. (34)
Also the judiciary system spokesman stated that in the past week, four persons accused of embezzling one and a half billion dollars were sentenced to death. (35)
HARANA also informed that two shepherds who were accused of the kidnapping and rape of a woman received the death penalty by the criminal court of Tehran (36).
The association Against Education Discrimination reported that five Baha’i prisoners were taken to the quarantine section of Rajayi Shahr prison on August 5 without prior notice. Their names are Didar Raoufi, Fad Khanjani, Shahrokh Taef, Peyman Kashfi, and Afshin heyratian.(37)
HARANA quoted Gholamhossein Heydari, the head of the judiciary department of Tehran province who announced that just three out of 24 prisoners were pardoned, and 21 are awaiting their executions. (38)
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