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August 25, 2012

Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon,
Secretary General of the United Nations

Your imminent visit to Tehran to participate in the upcoming Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) conference shall provide a unique opportunity to assess the dire conditions of human rights in Iran first hand. Although your brief visit will not allow a thorough examination of the criticality of the human rights violations in the Islamic Republic, nonetheless this exposure shall be an important and a necessary step in the right direction.

Dialogue and scrutiny have an important role in reducing tension and helping to improve the status quo. It is vital that you meet up with Mr. Mir Hossein Moussavi, former Prime Minister, and the opposition candidate of the rigged 10th Presidential election in 2009. Mr Moussavi the de facto leader of the Iranian Green movement who had been admitted to the cardiology department of a hospital due to heart problems, now has been returned to an unknown location, effectively under house arrest again after treatment. Many Iranians inside and outside of Iran are concerned about his current condition. For the last 32 months Mr. Moussavi and his wife Dr. Zahra Rahnavard have been under house arrest with minimal access imposed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Your meeting with them could defuse the existing threats against Mr. Mousavi and his family’s lives.

Your meeting with Mr. Mousavi is a humanitarian act which is in line with the United Nations ethos. To visit Mr. Mousavi and also Hojat-ul-Islam Mehdi Karubi, former speaker of Majlis and the other Presidential candidate for the 2009 rigged election (still under house arrest) as well as other prisoners of conscience in the infamous Evin Prison will have a positive effect on the establishment of human rights and respect for human dignity in Iran.

The UN , your excellency, and your many colleagues have been instrumental in creating a sanctuary for universal justice around the world. Therefore all governments must abide by the charter of the Universal Declarations of Human Rights and all of its addendums over their own laws and be accountable for any human rights abuses against its own citizens.

For more than 3 decades, the people of Iran have suffered from systematic, continual and orchestrated human rights violations. Based on the mandates of UN Charter, the expectation from you is to defend people’s basic human rights. Your continued efforts will help to revive the failed attempts by the Special Human Rights Rapporteur on Iran, Dr. Ahmad Shahid to investigate claims of human right violations.

We the undersigned, in the name of humanity and the United Nations Charter, appeal to you to intervene for ending the deteriorating conditions of human rights, state sponsored violence, and prejudice in Iran. The top priority in dealing with the Islamist regime is to demand the release of all political prisoners and the temporary release of all prisoners who have acute health problems.

We hope you will insist on demanding a private meeting with Mir-Hossein Moussavi , his wife Mrs Zahra Rahnavard and Hojat-ul-Islam Mehdi Karubi without the presence of the customary official intimidation.

The signatories list (429 Iranian human rights defenders, student activists, Women rights defenders, Academic activists, Civil rights activists, University professors, clergy and religious activist, lawyers,former conscience prisoners, and conscience dissidents)
Mahboubeh Abbasgholizade : women rights advocate
Ali Afshari: human rights defenders, former student activist and former conscience prisoners
Kazem Alamdari: Scholar and political dissident
Asieh Amini: Women rights defender and journalist
Mahdi Aminizadeh: Former student activist and former conscience prisoners
Mehdi Arabshahi: Student activist and former conscience prisoners
Peyman Aref: Student activist and former conscience prisoners
Darioush Ashouri: scholar
Hossein Bagherzadeh: political dissident
Mehran Barati: scholar and political dissident
Ahmad Batebi : Journalist,former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Abdolali Bazargan: Religious scholar
Mohammad Borghaei: Scholar and political dissident
Mehrdad Darvishpour: Scholar and political dissident
Behrouz Bayat: Researcher and political dissident
Reza Charandabi: Political dissident
Azadeh Davachi: Women rights defender
Fariba Davoodi Mohajer: Women rights defender, journalist, and former conscience prisoner
Mohmmad Javad Dord Keshan: Political dissident and former conscience prisoner
Mohsen Emadi: Poet and former student activist
Morteza Eslahchi: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Seyyed Kouhzad Esmaeili: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Amir Hossein Etemadi: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Farhad Farjad: Political dissident
Shirin Famili: Women rights defender
Mahdi Fatapour: Political dissident
Masoud Fathi: Political dissident
Hasan Fereshtian: Political dissident
Shahab Feyzi: Political dissident
Amir Hossein Ganjbakhsh: Researcher and political dissident
Hadi Ghaemi: Human rights defender
Saeed Habibi: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Abbas Hakimzadeh: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Mehrdad Hariri: Scholar
Nader Hashemi: Scholar and university professor
Mohammad Hedayati: Shia clergy
Biajn Hekmat: Political dissident
Pouya Jahandar: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Mahdi Jami: Journalist
Jahanshah Javid: Journalist
Hadi Kahalzadeh: Former student activist
Mehrangiz Kar: Scholar, women rights defender, and former conscience prisoner
Mahmoud Karimi Hakkak: Scholar
Morteza Kazemian: Journalist and former conscience prisoner
Fatemeh keshavarz: Scholar
Behrouz Khaligh: Political dissident
Mahdi Khanbaba Tehrani: Political dissident
Mostafa Khosravi: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Azadeh Kian: Scholar
Alireza Kiani: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Kazem Kardavani: Researcher and political dissident
Akbar Mahdi: Scholar
Pouyan Mahmoudian: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Hassan Makaremi: Scholar and political dissident
Abdolhamid Masoumi Tehrani: Shia clergy, religious researcher, and former conscience prisoner
Hanif Mazrouei: Journalist and former conscience prisoner
Ahmad Medaadi: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Behzad Mehrani: political dissident and former conscience prisoner
Ziba Mirhosseini: Scholar
Anvar Mirsattari: Human rights defender
Majid Mohammadi: Researcher and journalist
Mansour Moaddel: Scholar
Reza Mobayen: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Maliheh Mohammadi: Journalist and political dissident
Ali Mohtadi: Journalist
Ahmad Montazeri: Shia clergy and political dissident
Reza Mosouli: Scholar
Seyyed Ali Akbar Musavi Khoeini: Political dissident, former Member of Parliament, former student activist, and former conscience prisoner
Ebrahim Nabavi: Journalist and former conscience prisoner
Hasan Nayeb Hashem: Human rights defender
Farrokh Negahdar: Political dissident
Morteza Negahi: Researchor
Bourgan Nezami Narjabad: Scholar and former student activist
Mohammad Reza Nikfar: Scholar and political dissident
Mahdi Nourbakhsh: Scholar and political dissident
Mohammad Nourizad: Political dissident and former conscience prisoner
Nikrouz Oulad Azami: Scholar
Mohammad Oliaei Fard: Lawyer and former conscience prisoner
Mahnaz Parakand: Lawyer and former conscience prisoner
Misagh Parsa: Scholar
Saeed Peyvandi: Scholar
Alireza Raeisi: Scholar and former student activist
Maryam Rouzbehani: Former student activist
Ahmad Rafat: Journalist
Aliasghar Ramezanpour: Journalist and former official
Amir Rashidi: Former student activist
Setareh Sabeti: Journalist
Mohammad Sadeghi: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Mahmoud Sadri: Scholar
Nasim Sarabandi: Student activist, women rights defender, and former conscience prisoner
Hasan Sarbakhshian: Journalist
Kourosh Sehhati: Journalist, former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Ali Shakeri: Political dissident and former conscience prisoner
Mohammad Sahimi: Scholar
Karim Shambayati: Political dissident
Sadegh Shojaei: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Mansoureh Shojaei: Women rights defender
Ardalan Shekrabi: Political dissident
Salman Sima: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Ali Tabatabaei: Political dissident
Majid Tavallaei: Political dissident
Nayyereh Tohidi: Scholar and women rights defender
Roya Tolouei: Women rights defender
Hossein Torkashvand: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Farzin Vahdat: Scholar
Sajjad Veismoradi: Former student activist and former conscience prisoner
Hamid Zanganeh: Scholar
Masoumeh Zia: Women rights defender
And the others:

Arash Abad Pour, , Gholam Abbasi,Mohammad Saber Abbasian, Mazdak Abdipour, Arash Abedi, Zia Abedi, Behrouz Adel, Ali Afshari, Reza Afshari, Saeed Aganji, Abdorreza Ahamdi, Mehrdad Ahamdzadeh, Maryam Ahari, Ahmad Ahmadian, Amin Ahmadian, Behzad Ahmadnia, Mohammad Javad Akbareyn, Maryam Akbari, , Hossein Alavi, Shahed Alavi, Tayyebeh Alirezaei, Arya Alizadehfar, Khosro Allaf Akbari, Ayda Amidi, Marzieh Amini,Mahdi Amini, , Ehsan Amini, , Kamran Amiri, Manouchehr Amiri, Manaf Ammari, Shahab Amoupour, Vahab Ansari, Maryam Ansari, Shahin Anzali, Soheil Arabi, Vahid Arbab, , Jamshid Asadi, Azadeh Asadi, Mir Ardavan Asadi,Shohreh Asemi, Ardavan Ashabi, Farid Ashakan, Alireza Ashkiani, Arsalan Ashour, , Roshanak Astarki, Ayandeh Azad, Ahamd Azad, Shabnam Azar, Masoud Azari, Farshid Azarinoush, Nazi Azima, Seyyed Hadi Azimi, Farzaneh Azimi, Jamshid Babaei, Hadi Babaei, Human Bagheri, Iraj Bagherzadeh, Shahla Bahar Dust, Arezoo Baher, Siavash Bahman, Mohammad Bahmani, Khosro Bandari, Ali Bani Jamali, Mahrokh Baniani, Negin Bank, , Sara Barkhordari, Farya Barlas, Aref Bastami, , Kamyar Behrang, Abbas Bidar,Amir Biglari, Nasim Chalaki, Masoud Chenasi, Ali Chikav, , , Kamal Davoudi, Fatemeh Delavarian, Akram Doaeizadeh, Hutan Dolati, Hamed Ebrahimi Nejad, Goudarz Eghtedari, Mehrdad Ehsani Pour, Babak Ejlali, , Nasir Emami, Bahram Emami, Maryam Emamollahi Darcheh, Ardavan Ershad, , Javad Esmaeili, , Zinat EsmaeilZadeh, Asal EsmaeilZadeh, Amir Eatedali,Pooyan Fakhraei, Keyhan Farhafi Tabar,Ali Farahani, Siamak Farid, Ghafour Farrokhian, Mahmoud Farrokhian, Farshid Faryabi, Shervin Fekri, , Keyvan Forouzan, Ali Forozandeh, Amir Hossein Fotouhi, Ali Fotovvati, Firuzeh Fouladi, , Jafar Ghadimkhani, , Mohsen Ghaemi Nik, Abtin Ghaffari, Ayda Ghajar, Hossein Ghasemi, Kobra Ghasemi, Reza Ghazinouri, Sanam Ghiabi, Mohammad Gholikhani, Mahdi Gholizadeh Aghdam, Maryam Ghorbanifar, Reza Goharzad, Katayoun Golrokh, Fardad Golshani, , Omid Haghighat Jou, , Vahak Hakoupian, Nasrin Hamidi, hamid Hamidi, ,Sourena Hashemi, , Emad Hashemi, , Ali Hekmat, Nahid Hemmati, Rahim Hemmati, Aram Hesami, Mohsen Heydarian, Reza Hiva, Nahid Hosseini, Seyyed Reza Hosseini, Hanif Hosseindoost,Ali Hosseini, Soulmaz Ikdar, Alimohammad Jadali, Hasan Jafari, Atefeh Jafari, Reza Jafarian, , Gisou Jahangiri, Mohammad Jalali Cjimeh, , Ali Jamshidi, Arash Jannati Ataei, Farzad Javaheri, Rahil Javdani, Behieh Jilani, Reza Joshani, Naeimeh Kafshdouz, , Arsalan Kahanamaeipour, Ali Kalaei, Hasan Kalantari, Amir Kalhar, Alireza Kan’anrou , Aziz Karalou, Babi Karami, Majid Karbala Beheshti, Amir Karbala Beheshti, Behzad Karimi, Reza Karimi, , Vaeik Keshishzadeh, , Amin Khojastehfar, Aliasghar Khorsand, , Esmaeil Khotaei, Taghi Kimiaei Asadi, Parvin Kohzadi, , Saeedeh Kordinejad, Hamid Kosari, Omid Kouhi, Masoud Lavasani, Hamid Mafi, Samira Maghami, Manouchehr Maghsoudnia, Maziar Mahboubi, , Sara Mahrouian, Darioush Majlesi, Morteza Malak Mohammadi, Noushin Manouchehri, Meysam Mashayekh, , Parastou Matinzadeh,, Amir Memarian, Yaser Mirdamadi, Mehran Mirfakhraei, ,Maryam Moghaddam, Hossein Moghaddam, , , Farahnaz Mohammadi, Amin Mohammadi Rad, Hamid Mokhtari, Peyman Malaz, , Nariman Mostafavi, Mahdi Motamedimehr, Meysam Motamednia, Majid Movahhed, Mahdi Mozaffari,. Fereydoun Naghibi, Roja Najafi, Youhanna Najdi, Hojjat Narenji, Roya Naseri, Mazdak Nasiri, Dawoud Navaeian, Mohammad Navvab,, Ali Nazari, Shervin Nekouei, Razieh Neshat, , Sajjad Nikaein, Majid Niknam, Hossein Niknam Amini, Shavon Noakhtar, Shiva Nojou, Manouchehr Norouzian, Mohammad Reza Nosrati, Amir Nourafkan, , Shahin Nourbakhsh, Farhad Nouri, , Mahdi Nozar. Maryam Oghlidi, Hamid Omrani, Mohammad Orsi, Kamran Oshtori, , Mohammad Panahi, Soheil Parhizi, Darioush Parsa, , Ali Parsan, , Katayun Pezeshki, Bijan Pirzadeh, Asal Pirzadeh, Saeed Pour Heidari, Omid Pour Mohammadali, Ahmad Pourmandi. Leily Pourzand,Sudeh Rad, , Hassan Rahi, Mojtaba Rahimi, Kamal Rahmanian, Mohammad Rajabi, , Nima Rashedan, , Arman Reza Khani, Shideh Rezaei, Sahar Rezazadeh, Azita Rezvan, Amin Riahi, Akbar Rohani, Anahita Rostampour, Meysam Roudaki, Farhad Rouhi, , , Amin SadeghiKaren Sadri, Mahdi Saeedpour, Maryam Safaei, Siavash Safavi, Zohreh Saffarian, Amir Saffarian, Ramin Safizadeh, Bijan Safsari, Mehrzad Salamat Farmad, Misagh Salamat Farmad, Mahshad Salamat Farmad, Mahbod Salamat Farmad, Arash Saleh,Shida Salari, Hamid Salek, Ali Samad, Farrokh Saniei Far, Reza Saniei Far, Mehdi Savalanpour, Bali Sedaghat, , Sadra Semnani Rahbar, Amir Hossein Seraji, Masoud Shabafrouz, Darab Shabahang, Rouhi Shafiei, Shahnaz Shahini, Sajjad Shahmoradi, Gholamreza Shahmoradi, Rahim Shambayati, , Seyyed Ahmad Shams, Fateme Shams, Mohammad Javad Sharifi Navid, Parvin Shatti, Farzaneh Shervin, Annas Shirazi, Hamid Shirazi, Arman Shirazi, , Reza Siavoshi, Hossein Sobhanollahi, Saeedeh Sohrabi, Gholamreza Sojoudi, Hamid Reza Soleimani, Amin Sorkhabi, Behrouz Sotoudeh, Behzad Sotoudeh, Laleh Sotoudeh, Farhad Soufi, , Habib Tabrizian, Maryam Tahmasbi, Khosro Tajrobeh Kar, Arefeh Sadat Tajzadeh,Hassan Talebi, Ashkbous Talebi, Majid Tamjidi, Ali Tarokh, Shahram Tehrani, , , Mohammad Torabi, , Farshad Toumaj, , Alireza Vakili, , Darioush Vosoughi, Mahdi Yarmohammadi, Hamideh Yazdani, Ashakn Yazdchi, Hadi Yousefi, Yousefzadeh, Hasan Zahtab, Mohsen Zamani, Saman Zamanzadeh, Mihan Zandi, , Isa Zargarian, Esmaeil Zargarian, Hamid Reza Zarifinia, Fathieh Zarkesh Yazdi,

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