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Mourners of Azerbaijani Earthquake in Iran Arrested

Posted by IHRV On August - 29 - 2012

A Weekly Report of Human Rights Violations from August 12 to August 19, 2012
Security forces attacked a gathering of Tabriz residents who had organized a commemoration for the recent earthquake victims in Azerbaijan on August 15. This peaceful gathering was held in Eialgoli Park in downtown Tabriz city. Four people were detained and the police did not allow the event to be completed. (1)
The regime lashed 14 political prisoners during the holiest days of Ramadan in which it is supposed that the Quran was revealed. These prisoners of conscience are being held in the 350 section of Evin prison and their names are Siamak Ghaderi, Rahman Bouzari, Ebrahim Bababyi Zeydi, Hossein Zarini, Koroush Kouhkan, Naser Azarnia, Homan Mousai, Mazdak Akinazari, Alireza Kia, Amir Latifi, Ashkan Allahyari, Rasoul Hardani and Kamran Ayazi. Majid Sadeghi Nejad, a prisoner of conscience in Evin prison, received a lashing one week before them. (2)
Mahsa Amrabadi, who is imprisoned in the women’s ward of Evin prison, was sentenced to one year jail and a four year suspended sentence. Her husband has been in Rajayishahr prison for more than three years. (3)
In the following report you will find more news and information about the situation of human rights in Iran.
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei pardoned some political prisoners, allowing for their release, and decreased the sentences for others. After this occurred, the organization Reporters Without Borders issued a statement, “Tens of Iranian journalists and bloggers were imprisoned for their reports on governmental suppression and corruption, they should be unconditionally released.”(4)
The Scientific Association of Iranian Archeology released a complaint letter to the deputy of technology and science at the ministry of education and expressed concern against applying gender segregation in archeology subjects at universities. (5).
The teacher’s union published a statement condemning the prevention of female students from being admitted to 36 universities in 78 academic subjects. (6)
2003 Nobel Laurate Shirin Ebadi, requested the head of the UN’s women section to address the issue of women’s oppression in Iran. (7)
A group of Iranian journalists, political, social and human rights activists asked member countries of the Non-Aligned Movement to react to the brutal behavior of the government and high security atmosphere in Iran. The annual gathering of NAM will be held in Tehran soon. (8)

HARANA quoted the head of police in Isfahan that nine tea houses were shut down by judicial orders. (9) This news agency also reported 54 hookah bars were closed in Gilan province. (10)
Religious minorities
A group of human rights activists stated that the department of security police summoned the Imams from Sunni mosques and warned them to avoid praying Fetter. (11)
Yousef Nadarkhani, a Christian who had been sentenced to apostasy, was charged with extortion and will stand trial on this charge. (12)
Ethnic minorities
The website Mookrian reported that four Kurdish activists were tried for membership in and cooperation with opposition political parties. Their names are Changiz Ghadam Khier and Ayoub Assadi, both from Marivan, Fakhrdin Forjeh from Kamyaran and Mohammad Hossein Rezayi from Divandareh. (13)
Kurdish activist Farzandeh Panirak was sentenced to jail by the revolutionary court on August 12. His was charged with conduct against national security. (14)
According HARANA, intelligence agents surrounded and fired tear gas on the house of a Kurdish activist in Salas city. They arrested a 22-year old son of the family named Saman Ali Veisi. (15)
Culture, Communication and Media
HARANA stated that Mostafa Fathizadeh, a reporter for Piek Shooshtar, was summoned to court regarding a report which found fault with the Shooshtar city health department in the accidental death of an individual. (16)
Journalist and political activist Mohammad Safar Lafouti was summoned by the revolutionary court.(17)
Dr. Yousef Bidar Del, a university professor in Turkish literature and language and secretary of the Development and Stability Association of Azerbaijan, was detained in Oroumieh city. (18)
Mohamamd Reza Ali Payam, a prominent poet under the pseudonym Haloo, was arrested by security forces on August 15. (19)
The head of police in Fars province announced the arrest of two bloggers in the city Jahrom. Their have been charged with publishing false information. (20)
Universities and students
Daneshjoo news website reported that an event for Fetter prayer which had been organized by the Islamic Engineering Association was canceled by security forces. (21)
Also according to this news agency, the 10-year jail sentence for Omid Kokabi was confirmed by the appeals court. He is a nuclear researcher that was arrested after leaving the United States for Iran. (22)
This website also reported that the Nurse System Organization protested the policy of same sex student admission at some universities. (23)
Civil Rights
According to the website Mookrian, Kurdish activist Adel Jalali, from Tehran, was sentenced to two years imprisonment by the revolutionary court. (24)
This news agency that covers Kurdish activities and news also stated, “The fourth branch of the revolutionary court in Karaj jailed three members of the Coordinate Committee group who had been charged with membership in an illegal political group. Their names are Jalil Mohammadi, Reyhaneh Ansari and Alireza Asgari.”(25)
HARANA reported that Behzad Arab Gol, who was detained during the 2009 Ashoura demonstration, was notified that he has been sentenced to four years in jail when he went to Moghadaas Evin Prosecutors. He is to present himself at Evin prison on September 5 to begin his sentence. (26)
Milad Dehghan, a member of the Pan-Iranist political party, was interrogated by intelligence officers in Ahvaz city on August 12. (27)
According to HARANA, Dr.Mostafa Sebti, a political activist and head of the Golestan branch of the Mosharekat Party, was banned from traveling.(28).
The website Iran Kargar reported that preschool teachers and contractual tutors repeatedly have organized a sit-in in front of parliament. They are protesting against unemployment and being dismissed from their jobs. (29)
Parket Sari workers have not received their salaries for approximately eight months. This company works in constructing and paving roads. (30)
HARANA quoted the secretary of the Semnan branch of the Workers’ House that the number of layoffs at the Oghab Afshan factory reached 340 after a refusal by this company to extend a contract with 40 temporary contractual workers. (31)
A large number of workers from the Sanayea Tondar Company gathered in front of the Gilan governor’s building to protest an 18-month delay in their salaries. (32)
According to HARANA, an anonymous labor activist stated that Gharb Steel Semnan factory workers have not received their salary for three months. (33)
Prison and Prisoner
Daneshjoo news reported that labor prisoner Reza Shahbi was taken to Evin prison last week. He had been on a temporary release since May 2012 for treatment and medical surgery. Also, student prisoner Hassan Assadi Siedabady returned to section 350 of Evin prison after his temporary release ended. (34)
According to HARANA, the situation of two Salmas city residents Habib and Azad Etmani is unknown, 28 days after imprisonment. (35)
Also, this human rights news agency reported that Mohsen Daneshpour Moghaddam, a political prisoner in Evin prison, is suffering from poor health. He had been arrested during the 2009 Ashoura demonstration and sentenced to death by the revolutionary court. (37)
Fatemeh Karoubi, the wife of Mehdi Karoubi, who was one of the main figures in the Green Movement informed that a visit with her husband was interrupted by authorities. (38)
According to the website Iran Kargar, Shahrokh Zamani, a member of the Coordinated Committee for the Formation of Labor Organizations is in poor physical health. He is currently being detained in Tabriz prison. (39)
The death penalty for a prisoner was confirmed and he is nearing his execution. He is accused of manslaughter after an individual tried to rob his bicycle. (40)
The Tehran Criminal court sentenced a young person to death. He killed a man who had asked his mother for marriage. (41)
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