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23 Upcoming Executions in Iranian Prisons

Posted by IHRV On September - 18 - 2012

A Weekly Report on Human Rights Violations in Iran from September 3 to 9, 2012
Amnesty international (AI) asked Iranian officials to immediately stop all executions that are soon to be implemented. AI reported that around 23 prisoners are at risk of being executed. This well-known international human rights organization informed that 22 death row prisoners, including five Afghans, were taken from their cells and might be executed in the upcoming days. Also AI reported that 17 out of 22 prisoners were moved from Rajayishahr prison to Evin prison and Evin prison authorities have informed their families to visit them for the final time. (1)
A group of employees from a countryside telecommunications office in Azerbayejan Gahrbi, Hameda, and Kordestan gathered again in front of the parliament building. They have gathered several times in recent months. (2)
Intelligence interrogators are opposing the release of Mohamamd Reza Ali Payam, a poet who calls himself Hallo, and criticized the regime. He was arrested on August 24. (3)
Other stories regarding human rights violations will be covered in the following parts.
Last week, Human Rights Watch released a statement warning about the potential execution of Mr. Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani on September 10 and asked to overturn his death sentence. (4)
Also 222 Iranian political, civil and artistic activists as well as human rights defenders condemned the order and execution of the death penalty and asked all local and international human rights organizations, the UN secretary general and free countries to make efforts to prevent this execution. (5)
The Teacher’s Union Front issued a statement for the start of the new academic year and expressed concern about the new employment provisions and the disproportion between wages and the current increasing inflation. (6)
HARANA reported that security police in Qazvin closed 15 shops and gave warnings to eight units because of violations of Islamic principles. (7)
Also, the head of the general security police in Lorestan province informed of the closure of 15 shops in Khoramabad in order to promote moral and social security. (8)
Religious minorities
According to HARANA, Nosrat Tabasi, a Gonabadi dervish, was sentenced to six months jail and a four and half year suspended imprisonment by the Tehran revolutionary court. (9)
Sunni activist Hashem Hossen Panahi was arrested by intelligence agents in Kordestan. (10)
Ethnic minorities
The website Mookrian reported that a number of Saqhez citizens were arrested in Marivan by security forces and were taken to the central prison in Saghez. Their names are Jamal Shiekhi, Hamed Sheikhi, Mehran Molla Veisi, and Soleiman Mahmoudian. (11)
This website reported that a parliament member in Sanandaj city stated that “more than 30% of residents in Kordestan province are unemployed and 15,000 Kurdish youth are jobless.” (12)
The Deputy of the Medical University of Kordestan announced that more than 70 percent of Kordestan villages have no access to dental care. (13)
Four Turkish residents from the cities Maku and Shoot were arrested for holding a Turkish poetry session. (14)
Culture, communication, and media
HARANA reported that intelligence officers arrested Kian Jahani, a reporter for Kordestan TV in Marivan, on September 7. (15)
The national internet network was launched in 28 Iranian provinces and by September 27 it will be operating in other provinces. (16)
Ten bloggers in Ardebil city in the north-west of Iran were arrested and charged with publishing false and defamatory information for political effect. (16)
Based on HARANA, Mohamamd Safar Lafouti, a young journalist who lives in Chalous city, was sentenced to a five year suspended jail term and banned from employment as a journalist. (17)
Davoud Khodakarami, a reporter, human rights defender, and Zanjan Payam Nour university student, was sentenced to a suspended four month jail sentence. (18)
According to HARANA, Ahmad Nour Mohammadi Abadchi, a dissident blogger from Ahvaz city, was detained by intelligence agents. (19)
University and Students
Daneshjoo News reported that Rashid Esmaeili, a member of the policy making council of Advar party, was arrested. (21)
Civil Rights
HARANA reported that Dr. Mohamamd Hassan Yousef Pour Seifi, a human rights defender, was transferred to the section 350 of Evin prison in order to serve his five and a half year term of imprisonment. (22)
Also the judiciary department in Tabriz issued a $30,000 bail for some detained volunteers from the earthquake rescues. (23)
Eisa Khan Hatami, a well- known journalist and political activist and a member of the National Front, was summoned to the intelligence system office in Esfarayen city and has not returned yet. (24)
Gooya news quoted a sport reporter from Fars, a pro-government news agency, that women are banned from entering the salon and watching the volleyball game between the national team of Iran and Japan even though they had been allowed to watch the previous game on Friday, September 7. (25)
Shiva Nazar Ahari, a journalist and human rights defender, presented herself to the women’s section of Evin prison to serve her four year jail sentence. (26)
HARANA quoted the secretary of the worker’s house party in Ahvaz city that the municipality of Izeh city had fired two hundred temporary workers. (27)
The Melard mushroom producer company fired 70 out of its 430 employees. This company is the largest producer of mushrooms, vegetables and conserves. It fell into trouble after facing embezzlement charges and a change in its general director. (28)
Also the secretary of the worker’s house party in Isfahan warned that around 500 employees at the Isfahan petrochemical compound would lose their job in case it would shut down. (29)
HARANA reported that some retired personnel from Kanafkare Rasht factory gathered in front of the Gilan government building to protest the lack of sufficient attention by authorities to their living problems on September 5. (30)
Prisoners and Prison
Navid Khanajani, a human rights defender and member of the group against education discrimination, informed his family that he had been taken to section 350 of Evin prison on September 8. (31)
Based on information from the website Sahamnews, Eisa Saharkhiz, who has been on hunger strike for more than 12 days, was taken from Evin prison to Rajayishahr prison. (32)
According to verified reports from some human rights activists in Ahvaz, dissident clergy Ahamderza Ahmadpour was transferred from Ahvaz prison to Yazd prison. (33)
Daneshjoo news reported that Behzad Nabavi, a former minster who is imprisoned in section two of the revolutionary guard prison has had a new file opened on him and was interrogated on new charges. Keeping him in military custody is illegal. (34)
HARANA reported that a person who killed a lawyer in Abadan city was sentenced to a public execution which will be implemented soon. (36)
Human rights defenders and pro-democracy activists informed that 12 prisoners from cells one, two, three, and four of unit two of Ghezel hesar Karaj prison, were taken to solidarity confinement in Evin prison on September 6. Eleven of them were executed on September 8 in Evin prison. (37)
Three prisoners were executed in Evin prison early one morning. (38)
Also, three other prisoners, two of whom were brothers, were executed in Rajayishahr prison.
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