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elgol_shab.jpgLike the prior years, year 2008 is considered an inflamed one for the activists of the Azerbaijan National Movement. In the past 4 months of 2008 Azerbaijani activists had been under the drastic pressures of the Iranian Security agents and numerous violations of human rights had come about in this epoch. The subsequent report is an elaborated recitation of the human rights violation in South Azerbaijan since March 2008.
In this epoch, more than 150 detention, nearly 30 arraign cases, 6 hunger strike cases, 2 cases of homicide by the Security agents, 88 cases of summoning to universities’ disciplinarian committees, 6 cases of deprivation from studying, 8 cases of scholar journals propagation deprivation, 3 cases of cultural and civil organs license nullification, 1 case of onslaught on students’ dormitories and 1 case of work expulsion occurred in South Azerbaijan. wishes the human rights organizations to pay their attention to the violation of Azerbaijanis human rights according to this report.


1. Rahim Taghavi, Ja’far Golabi, Ja’far Moa’zzen and Tohid were the 4 Azerbaijani activists who were arrested by the Iran Security agents and taken to Iranian Intelligence detention center on the 9th of March 2008. They were set free with a 10 million tomans security for each on the 24th of March.

2. Rahim Gholami, an Azerbaijani journalist and a cultural activist was arrested in his father’s home by Ardabil Intelligence agents with no subpoena. He had not been allowed to be in contact with his family and lawyer. Security agents recorded his personal computer and his personal notebook during inspecting his house. He was given an interim freedom with a 30 million tomans security on the 30th of April 2008 from Central Prison of Ardabil.

3. Ardashir Karimi Khiyavi, Ardabil Azad University’s Anjomane Eslami’s (Islamic Assembly) deputy and the Khazar scholar journal’s copyright owner and headmaster, Mehdi Kiyani, Ardabil Payam Nour Univerity’s Anjomane Sher-o-Adab’s (Poetry and Literature Assembly) secretary and Aydin Gharebaghi were the Ardabil Azad University’s students who were arrested by the Ardabil Intelligence agents on 10th of April with no subpoena. Security agents recorded their personal computers and their books after inspecting their house. Ardashir Khiyavi was set free after 20 days of imprisonment and torture with a 30 million security.

4. Ardabil Intelligence and Security agents arrested two other Ardabili activists in their personal homes on 10th of April 2008. Behrouz Alizadeh, a 20 years old boy and Vadud Sa’dati, 31 years old man had been arrested with no subpoena. These two political activists were given an interim freedom each with 30 million tomans on 30th of April.

5. Abbas Lisani’s wife, Roghiyye Alizadeh was arrested by Ardabil Intelligence agents with no subpoena on 12th of April. The agents recorded their books and personal computer after inspecting their house. Some days before that Ardabil Intelligence Service had threatened her to be arrested if she informs medias and human rights activists about her husband’s condition. She was set free after a 12 hours interrogation.

6. Asgar Akbarzadeh, Azerbaijani student activist who had been imprisoned since 24th of February 2008 after finishing his imprisonment period was set free on 16th of April. Akbarzadeh who studies chemistry in Ardabil Payam Nour University had been under bad conditions in his imprisonment period. Security agents took him to one of the Ardabil Intelligence Ministry detention centre and tortured him physically and mentally on 13th of

7. On 28th of April three Security agents went to Amir Abbas Banayi Kazemi’s work place and asked him to go with them to Tabriz Intelligence Service in order to clarify some issues. He was under a 5 hours investigation after attending there.

8. Hujattulislam Abdolaziz Azimi Qadim, the Azerbaijani activist clergyman was arrested after attending Dadegahe Vije Rohaniyat e Qom(Qom Special Court For Clergies) on 4th of May 2008. In 1384 (2005) he was deprived of wearing clergy men’s tuxedo for 10 years because of his disdain to priests prestige. For his transgression of the courts sentence and wearing the priests tuxedo he was condemned for a 91 day imprisonment. Not executing this sentence too, in February 2008 he was condemned for one year imprisonment from that court.

9. Samad Mollagholi and Mohammad Yarhon were arrested on 6th of May 2008 by the Security agents for statement distribution among people.

10. Jamshid Zare’yi, an activist from Tabriz was arrested by the Tabriz Security agents with no subpoena on 10th of May 2008.

11. Ali Sadighi, a 35 year old Azerbaijani activist was arrested in Tabriz on 15th of May 2008. The Security agents went to his house and inspected there and recorded his computer and personal notebook after his detention. He was set free from Tabriz Prison after a one month interim detention with a 20 million tomans security. According to his relatives, Sadighi was under physical and mental pressures in Intelligent Service detention center and was given no chance to make contact with his family and lawyer. Mr. Sadighi is a mathematics graduated from Tabriz University.

12. Hojjat Araghi, Salman Araghi, Salar Araghi, Akbar Abdollahi and Payam Alamgholilu were arrested by Khoy Security agents on 15th and 16th of May 2008. They were set free with a 5 million tomans security after some days.

13. Nearly 50 political activists in Miyandoab (Qoshachay) city were summoned to Intelligent Service of this city separately approaching South Azerbaijan nation’s rise anniversary. According to these people sayings, Intelligent Service agents had asked them to prevent people from attending 1st of Khordad (21th of May) demonstration. Behbod Gholizadeh, Jalal Kodrilu, Dariyosh Andalibiyan nad Ali Soltani were the people who avoided signing the guarantee not to attend 1st of Khordad ceremonies. Also Shahin Hasani, Shahrokh Faramarzi, Einollah Ahangari, Mostaffa Dolatkhah, Amir Aghazadeh, Morteza Lak, Behgam Mohammadi, Valiollah Zohrabi were under Qoshachay Intelligent Service agents pressure in these days.

14. Hosseyn Mirzakhani, Azerbaijani activist inhabiting in Tabriz, was arrested by Intelligent Service agents in Bazaar region of Tabriz. According to his family, he was tortured badly during being detained in Tabriz Intelligent Service detention center. He was given an interim freedom with security from Tabriz Central Prison on 8th of June 2008.

15. Hasan Asadi, an Azerbaijani activist was arrested some days before Khordad anniversary. Before being arrested Security agents had conferred to his house but couldn’t access him for he was not home. Security agents had threatened his family and wife not to follow his condition and not to call for medias.

16. Vahid and Saeed Hashempour, two activist brotherswere arrested in Tabriz by Security agents in Tabriz on 19th of May. They were set free with security on 26th of May 2008.

17. Mohammadreza Mokhtari, a cultural and human rights activist in Miyane, was summoned to this city’s Intelligence Service and was set free after a 6 hours detention. Mokhtari is graduated in Agriculture Engineering from Tabriz University.

18. According to Human Rights organizations, Assembly of Defense from Azerbaijani Political Prisoners and and websites report, many Azerbaijani political and cultural activists were arrested by the security agents, their names are as follow:
Mohammad Farhadi, Karim Mohammadzadeh, Hosseyn Mirzakhani, Firouz Abbasgholizadeh, Samad Mohammad Ja’fari, Ali Khakpour, Yaser Heydarnejad, Hojjat Tariverdiyan, Hojjat Mokhtarzadeh, Ebrahim (from Dilbimaz village), Ali Sadighi, Jamsid Zare’I, Mohammad Yarhon, Ahad Razavi, Hamid Rezayi, Hasan Ark, Akbar Hosseynzadeh, Hasan Asadi, Iraj Hasani, Mohammad Rahnema, Ahad Rezayi, Vali Abdoillahpour, Mehdi Dehghan, Morsal Bakhshi, Hojjat Seifinejad, Asghar Naeemi, Abdolajab Tarverdiyan, Hojjat Valipour, Nader Mohammadpour, Kamal Ashraf Farshi, Hasan Hosseynzadeh, Rahman Ghasemi, Esmayil Fathi, Amir Mohammad Banayi, Hasan Touri, Farshid Mostafayi, Vahid Rezayi, Hasan Besatpour, Aziz Limani, Mohammad Rahmani, Ebrahim Toluyi, Samad Forutani, Karim Mohammadzadeh, Firouz Abbasgholizadeh, Reza Abbasgholizadeh, Vahid Hashempour, Saeed Hashempour, Mashaallah Razmi, Ramin Razmi, Farhad Mohseni, Ali Tadayun Gharamaleki, Aziz Imani
Sarab: Mehdi Najjari
Urmiye: Khodayar Teymouri, Elyaz Yekani
Khoy: Hojjat Araghi, Salman Araghi, Salar Araghi, Akbar Abdollahi, Payam Alamgholilu
Ahar: Sakhavat Ezzati

19. Security agents of Ahar city, arrested Sekhavat Ezzati, author and poet, and recorded his computer and books after inspecting his house on 31th of May 2008. He was set free after a one day detention and investigation.

20. Police arrested Rahim and Asgar Fathipour by causing maim to them on 7th of June 2008 in Naghadeh city. They were trialed on 8th of June and their misdeed was participation in antigovernment panturk groups. They were set free with security.

21. Asgar Akbarzadeh, an Azerbaijani activist from Ardabil, was arrested by Ardabil Intelligence Service agents with no subpoena in his fathers house. The agents recorded his books and personal notebooks during the inspection. According to his family, he was tortured badly during being detained in Intelligence Service detention center.
He was set free from jail with a 30 million security on 8th of July. According to his family he was tortured physically and mentally and had no chance to be in contact with his family and lawyer.

22. Hasan Hosseyni, the ex-secretary of Ardabil Razi College’s Islamic Assembly was arrested on 21th of June 2008 in Naghade city. He was arrested with the Ardabil Inghilab Court judge’s subpoena by Naghade Police Intelligence Service agents and was sent to detention center. Hosseyni who was graduated in architecture newly was set free with a 10 million security on 8th of July.

23. Ali Asghar Taheri Safiabad, a Turk activist and author from Khorasan, was arrested by the Security agents because of writing essays in Turkish language and defending the rights of Iran Turks on 2nd of July. He is in Evin Prison till now.

24. Gholam Najafi, an Azerbaijani activist, was arrested in his work place in Tabriz Bazaar on 5th of July 2008, he has been transferred to an unknown place. During the inspection some journals were recorded as the proof of his misdeed. It should be mentioned that those scholar journal had emission justification and were being sold in Tabriz, Tehran and other cities of Azerbaijan’s bookshops and newsstands.
According to the received news his house was inspected by the Security agents the evening of that day.

25. According to’s reports, Hamid Valayi, the Azerbaijani activist, had been arrested after being summoned to Tabriz Intelligence Service. One of his relatives declared that there is no news about his fate.
Valayi who is 27 years old is graduated in Law and the member of Majma’e Daneshgahiyane Azerrbaijani (Azerbaijanis University Society), and had written several essays on scholar journals and also in Dilmaj detained magazine.

26. Sajjad Radmehr, Aydin Khajeyi and Faraz Zehtabi, Tabriz University students, and Dariyoush Hatami were arrested on 17th of July 2008 by Iranian Security agents and had been transferred to an unknown place.
According to the human right organizations these activists were detained after Mr. Radmehr’s M.A thesis dissertating session. The Security agents inspected their house after their detention. Shahrokh Hatami, Dariyoush Hatami’s brother was detained the day after by the Iranian Security agents.


27. Husseyn Yousefi and Ghafour Habibpour, Tabriz Azad University law students, were condemned to 6 months of imprisonment with the sentence of Tabriz Inghilab Court branch two on 7th of April 2008. Charge of these students was action against national security.

28. Abbas Lisani, Azerbaijani civil and cultural activist was condemned to pay 50,000 tomans because of what court called spoiling general security. This charge of Lisani was due to his attending a ceremony at Bagher Khan’s sepulcher in 2004.
According to his judge this Azerbaijani activist who is passing his 12 months imprisonment in Ahar city prison, 112 kilometers away from his hometown, because of advertising against government. Since 6th of March 2008 he was sent to Yazd city central prison, 2000 kilometers away from his hometown, illegally.
29. Vahid Bahadori, a 23 year old activist from Urmiye who was arrested by Urmiye Security agents on 10th of March 2008, was trialed on 12th of April in the absence of his lawyer and was condemned to 7 months imprisonment because of action against national security and advertising against Islamic Republic of Iran.

30. Hamid Argish, the Azerbaijani poet, author and journalist was sent to Khoy city’s prison to fare his custody sentence in May 2008. This Azerbaijani activist was sentenced to one year imprisonment, two years exile in Bijar city, and a three years work emission interdiction by Khoy city’s Inghilab court.
He was detained on 21th of February, the International Day of Mother Tongue in Khoy by the Intelligence Service agents. After detention the agents had inspected his house and recorded his computer, personal books and handwritings.

31. Akbar Lakestani, the first chosen candidate of Shot city Islamic Council and the headman of the previous term’s council was sentenced to a three year imprisonment because of charges such as insulting the leadership and advertising activities against the government.

32. On 15th of August 2008 The Revision Court of Urmiye endorsed Akbar Pashayi’s one year imprisonment sentence which was suspended for three years.
This Azerbaijani activist’s charges were cooperating with Oyanish magazine, advertising and summoning people to attend 21st of Amy parade through sms and reciting the refuges manifest against Iran newspaper in Urmiye University.

33. Samad Ghorbani, a 28 year old Azerbaijani activist Hamedan’s Bahar city was condemned to a one year imprisonment on 11th of April 2008 and since having no misdeed this sentence was suspended five years. His charges were actions against national security, membership in panturk groups and advertising these groups and attending Sattar Khan’s illegal ceremony.
It should be mentioned that Mr. Ghorbani was arrested by Intelligence Service agents on 14th of November 2008 for attending a ceremony to respect Sattar Khan. He was in custody for 26 days in Evin prison and was set free with a 30 million tomans security. He said that the Intelligence service agents tortured him physically and mentally.

34. Saeed Matinpour, the Azerbaijani journalist and human rights activist was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment in May 2008. His charges were being in contact with foreigners and advertising against Islamic Republic government.
Saleh Kamrani, the Azerbaijani human rights activist and Azerbaijani political prisoners lawyer was sentenced to a one year imprisonment because of advertising against government.
Abdollah Abbasi Javan and Dr, Mohammad Ali Heydari, Azerbaijani professors and political activists and also Jalil Ghanilu, Alireza Matinpour, Yaghoub Salekiniya, Mir Ghasem Seyedinzadeh, Behrouz Safari and Leyla Heydari, Azerbaijani political and cultural activists were sentenced to a one year imprisonment which would be suspended for 5 years. These activists court sessions were not aboveboard.
According to human rights organizations these Azerbaijani political and cultural activists were detained for several months and had been tortured badly.

35. Mohamad Reza Avazpour, a 16 year old student from Tabriz was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for insulting the leadership. It should be mentioned that according to his previous charges now totally he was sentenced to a 15 months imprisonment.

36. Reza Daghestani, a journalist and administrator of Chanlibel which is a scholar journal, who was arrested in Urmiye on the International Day of Mother Tongue and had been in cell for 27 days and had been set free for a 40 million tomans security was sentenced to a 6 months imprisonment on 18th June 2008, but because of no misdeed before this sentence would be suspended for 3 years.

37. Ebrahim Ja’farzadeh, the Azerbaijani activist was arrest on 18th June 2008 to pass his imprisonment period in jail.
Ja’farzadeh was arrested on the International Mother Tongue Day and had been set free with a security after one month. Khoy city’s Inghilab court sentences are as follows:
One year imprisonment,
A two year exile in Borazjan city,
A three year deprivation from legal social and political activities,
Parliament and Islamic Council’s deputy deprivation for one epoch.

38. Aref Aloufi, a Azerbaijani activist from Urmiye was arrested on 30th of June 2008 to be transferred to this city’s prison in order to pass his imprisonment period.
Aloufi who is a architecture student in Nakhjavan University was arrested in Urmiye on the International Mother Tongue Day and was set free with security. Last year he was sentenced to six months imprisonment because of what the Inghilab court of Urmiye called acting against national security. This sentence was reduced to four months in the revisionary court.

39. Shahnaz Gholami, a feminist and Azerbaijani activist was summoned to Inghilab court of Tabriz on 9th of July 2008. Her charge is advertising against government. Her summoning may be because of her efforts to report the suspicious death of three Azerbaijani activists in Tabriz. Her lawyer will be Dr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah who is the member and spokesman of Human Right Defenders Center.

40. According to’s human rights report 13th of July 2008 two Azerbaijani civil activists from Maku were sentenced to imprisonment. Ali Hosseynnejad Asl was sentenced to one year imprisonment because of advertising against Islamic Republic. Security agents inspected his shop and recorded his computer, compact disks and books.
Mohamad Nasiri is the other Azerbaijani activist who is sentenced to six months imprisonment by Inghilab court.

41. Ali Abbasi, a Azerbaijani political activist from Ardabil was arrested in July 2008 to be transferred to jail in order to pass his five years imprisonment.
His charges were espionage and actions against national security, and he was sentenced to eleven years imprisonment which was reduced to five years in revisionary court.
According to his brother he was detained on 13th of October 2007 and had been tortured badly for 38 days in Ardabil Intelligence Service, in this period he did not have the right to be in contact with his family and lawyer. The intelligence agents had made him to confess fake issues under drastic physical and mental tortures.
Hunger Strike

42. Abbas Lisani, the Azerbaijani civil activist and political prisoner who had gone on hunger strike for 15 days because of his illegal exile from Ahar prison to Yazd Prison put an end on his strike on 23rd of March 2008receiving hundreds letters from Azerbaijani activists asking him not to danger his health so much.

43. Vadud Sa’adati, Behrouz Alizadeh, Ardashir Karimi and Rahim Gholami, Azerbaijani activists, went on hunger strike because of the drastic pressures being on them in prison. According to Human rights organizations their health status was unfavorable especially during hunger strike.

44. Fridun Mehdipour, an Azerbaijani political activist from Urmiye who had been in prison since February 9, 2007 went on hunger strike on 22nd of May 2008. It is said that his strike was in protest to Urmiye prisoners’ bad condition and disagreement with his request for conditioned freedom.
Homicide by Security Agents

45. According to’s report, Farhad Mohseni, a 25 year old Azerbaijani activist from Tabriz who had been arrested in Tabriz and was imprisoned in an unknown place, was homicide by the Security agents.
According to the reports of human right organizations, he had been pursued by Security agents on 21st of May and had been arrested on 22nd of May in Tabriz El-Goli Park. During the detention period he was tortured drastically and that caused his death. His body delivered to his family on 11th of June and they didn’t let his body to be autopsied. According to his family probably electric shock was the cause of his death. reported that the Security agents tried to cause some limitations in his funeral service. His family was under pressure by Security authorities not to interview with foreigner medias. It should be mentioned that Farhad Mohseni was shot on 21st of May 2006, and had been tortured 4 months in Tabriz prison.

46. According to’s report Afshin Erfan Khosroshahi, a30 year old activist from Tabriz was homicide in his work office on 21st of June at 10 o’clock pm.
It is said that he was hanged after being tortured drastically. He was threatened by Tabriz Security agents for his political activities.

Summoning to Disciplinarian Committees

47. According to’s report, Sajjad Radmehr, the M.A. student of mechanic engineering from Tabriz University who had been prohibited from dissertating his M.A thesis by the university’s authorities, was prohibited from studying for one term by disciplinarian committee of the university because of his going on hunger strike and protesting against the university authorities illegal action.
Mr. Radmehr sentence which was announced on 8th of June and his charge was disturbing the university discipline. According to this website’s report Aydin Khajeyi, the Law student of Tabriz University was rebuked on 10th of June 2008 officially because of his companionship with Sajjad Radmehr.

48. 31 students of Urmiye University were summoned to disciplinarian committee because of their joy after the victory of Turkey’s national football team on 21st of June 2008. According to the’s report 3 days later a8 other students were summoned to the disciplinary committee.

49. 37 students of Tabriz University were summoned to disciplinary committee because of their protest against deprivation of students from studying and aftermath issues of Turkey-Germany football match. Nader Mahd Gharebagh, the Azerbaijani student activist and the person who had been arrested last year in May was sentenced to deprivation from studying for one term. The other 36 students’ sentences were dormitory deprivation and official rebuke.
Studying Deprivation

50. Five students’ M.A. entrance exam results were not announced by the Sanjesh Organization.
Amin Emami, Samad Pashayi, Nahid Babazadeh, Nader Mahd Gharebagh from Tabriz University, and Ghader Kiyani, the student of Political Studied from Tehran University are the students who did not receive their M.A. exam results. The authorities of Science Ministry said that they did not have the general qualification to get their results.

51. Ebrahim Nouri, the Azerbaijani activist from Ahar city was sacked from school for 3 days because of what the headmaster of his school called ethnical activities. It should be mentioned that this person studies at high school and had been arrested several times by the Intelligence Service agents.

Scholar Journal Propagation Deprivation

52. Yagish Scholar Journal’s propagation justification was suspended on 21st of April 2008 because what the university authorities called “illegal issues propagation”. It should be mentioned that before getting propagation justification, the authorities had read the journal and approved it. Also according to Shoraye Aliye Inghilabe Farhangi’s (Cultural Revolution High Council) regulations no governmental or non governmental authority can censor or control the content of journal or make them to propagate a theme or essay.

53. The Arman biweekly scholar journal was attached by the authorities in the print house on 7th of May 2008, though getting propagation justification.

54. Urmiye University’s Sahand scholar journal was attached before propagation on 19th of May 2008. The authorities of the university announced that the Intelligence Service interference caused it.

55. Bulud scholar journal that is propagated in Mahabad Azad University was attached one hour after its propagation by the authorities of the university.

56. Sina Jahanbakhsh, student of Elm o San’at University was deprived of Gunash scholar journal’s directorship for 9 months on 25th of May 2008 because of propagating a “A review of Azerbaijan’s Khordad Epic”. Gunash scholar journal have been propagated for 5 years in this university.

57. Sayan scholar journal which had been propagated in Ardabil’s Payam Nour University was attached on 9th of July 2008. This journal’s field of work was cultural, social, scholar and national issue of Azerbaijan. There was a 10 months period that the university’s authorities suppressed its propagation.

58. Security agents of Bonab city attached and hoard the Aydin Galajak scholar journal in print house on 12th of July 2008. Though university’s authorities pressures to exert limitations on the content of the journal, the Intelligence Service agents attached this distorted journal.

59. Birlik scholar journal which was propagated in Tehran’s Allameh Tabatabyi University was deprived from attached because of applying Azerbaijani Turkish language. The authorities of this university said that there was drastic pressure from Intelligence Service.

Cultural and Civil Organs License Nullification

60. The activities of Tehran Medical University’s Turk Students Center (Birlik) were suspended with the order of a cultural authority of this university on 20th of April. This assembly was an active cultural center.

61. The activities of AZKAB Center, a cultural organ in Urmiye University, were suspended by the authorities of the university with no clear reasons.

62. The Literary Assembly of Moghaddas Ardabili in Ghom was locked up with pressure of Security agents. Their excuse to suppress it’s sessions was that this assembly has got no license and it’s activities should be in daylight instead of night.
Onslaught on Students’ Dormitories

63. According to’s report, Tabriz University Intelligence Service agents attacked to Azerbaijani activists rooms in dormitory on 7th of May 2008. They inspected their personal properties for two hours and recorded most of their properties. Also the Security agents threatened these activists to arrest or sack from university or studying suspension. It should be mentioned that 8th of May is the student day in Azerbaijan

Work Expulsion

64. Hosseyn Eghbali, the member of Majma’e Daneshgahiyane Azerbaijan (The Azerbaijanis Universities Assembly) and the ex student activist expluded from his work in July. He had B.A. in mathematics from Tabriz Tarbiyat e Moa’llem e Azerbaijan University and was teaching in schools. The Azerbaijanis Universities Assembly protested to this kind of expulsion in an open letter to Parliament Committee 90 and warned them about the consequences these harsh behaviors against Azerbaijani activists.

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