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Five Years Imprisonment for Yusef Azizi-Banitaraf

Posted by IHRV On August - 14 - 2008

6039.jpgSaleh Nikbakht, the defense lawyer for Yusef Azizi-Banitaraf, announced that his client has been sentenced to five years imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court in Tehran.
Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran charged Mr. Azizi-Banitaraf with “collusion to undermine national security”.
Mr. Azizi-Banitaraf was charged with events related to protests on 26 Farvardin 1384 (April 15, 2005) in Khuzestan province when a group of people in Khozeatan province gathered and expressed anger over a letter that was attributed to Iran’s presidential desk, causing unrest throughout the city. The letter stated an urgent action was needed to change the ethnic demographics of the province.
Khuzestan province is located in the south of Iran, is rich in oil, and a sizeable portion of its population are Arab speaking.
According to reports by ISNA Mr. Nikbakht will appeal the court order.
Mr. Azizi-Banitaraf was born in 1330 (1951) in the city of Susangard and has been active in issues related to ethnicity. He is an honorary member of Arab Writers Union (headquartered in Damascus) and is an official member of the Iran Writers Center.
Mr. Azizi-Banitaraf is one of the few reporters in Iran who publishes articles in foreign Arabic circulations, such as Alzaman (published in London), Alshargh (published in Qatar) and Alsafir (published in Lebanon).
Mr. Azizi-Banitaraf has published more than twenty works on various subjects, particularly tribal affairs, nomadic tribes and folk storytelling among the people of Khuzestan.
Source; Radio Zamaneh

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