Thursday, October 2, 2014

In a ruling by the appeal court, branch 17, all charges against Ms. Nahid Jafari, a women’s activist, member of the cultural women center and One Million Signatures Campaign, were dropped and she was set free.

Ms. Jafari and thirty-three other women’s activists are part of a case related to a mass arrest that took place on 13 Esfand (March 3).  Ms. Jafari was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in public in violation of the Islamic Revolutionary Penal Code, Article 618.  Previously, in a court ruling by Branch 13 of the Revolutionary Court, she was sentenced to a six month suspended sentence and ten lashes.  These charges were later dropped by court’s review board.  Ms. Jafari’s lawyer, Zahra Arzani, delivered the statement regarding court’s release order.

According to Ms. Arzani, this is the first ruling in regards to cases related to the 13 Esfand (March 3) arrests and she is hopeful the court will issue similar rulings in the other cases.

Source: Change for Equality

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