Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mehdi Zakerian, an assistant professor of human rights at an independent Islamic university, who is also chairman of the Iranian International Relations Society and senior researcher at the Scientific Research Center and Strategic Studies of Middle East, has been in a ministry of intelligence detention center for the past two weeks.
There has not been any news on the location where Mr. Zakerian is being held, and according to sources in news agencies in Tehran, judicial and intelligence authorities have refused to state the charges against him.
The university professor, aside from his research activities, is editor of the publication International Studies, published in both Persian and English in Tehran, and is also managing editor of the publication Regional Studies Quarterly.  Mr. Zakerian is also a founding member of the Iranian Scientific International Relations Society, which was registered with the ministry of science in December of 2007 and is intended to research and advise on promoting international relationships and develop scientific co-operation.
Besides Mr. Zakerian, Abdulali Ghavam, Mahmoud Sariulghalam, Hosein Dehshiar and Kayhan Barzegar are other managing members of the society.
Mr. Zakerian’s detention took place after two brothers, Kamyar and Arash Alaei (both of whom are doctors), were arrested and detained in Tir (June).  In spite of both domestic and international demand for the release of two researchers in AIDS prevention, Hasan Hadad, Tehran deputy prosecutor for security, on Saturday, 12 Mordad (August 2) accused both brothers of collusion [with anti-government organizations].
Close to two weeks ago a news report was published claiming that a professor of communication science, who is also the editor of online section of a Tehran morning papers in Tehran, was detained for one day.  The report did not disclose the identity of the individual.
Source: Rooz Online

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