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Posted by IHRV On February - 20 - 2008

Iran Human Rights Voice (IHRV), founded in 2008, is a web-based media outlet that monitors, reports, and provides news and analysis of cases of human rights violations among Iranian social and political activists, students, women, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, labor unions, and immigrant communities. This web site attempts to give a perspective of precisely what is happening within Iranian society from the perspective of those who advocate for political, social, economic, cultural rights, and fundamental freedoms.
IHRV believes that human rights are a universal value and that every state must respect the international treats and obligations that deal with such issues. Human rights in Iran, as well as in other countries, concern the peace, humanity and security of the entire world, and should be the focus of the international community. In fact, supporting human rights in Iran is a moral responsibility for every one and every group that believes in human dignity. IHRV maintains a non-partisan approach in its reporting and monitoring of infringements of people’s fundamental rights, and considers only human rights standards and criteria in attempting to protect and report on human rights defenders.
IHRV, in order to encourage and promote human rights in Iran, will provide proper and credible documents to educate and gain the support of foreign human rights organizations, journalists, civic groups, NGOs, and universities working in the field of the human rights.
The mail goal of IHRV is to create solidarity between Iranian civil society and foreign civil societies.
IHRV was lunched by Associate for civic Society in Iran (ASCI). ASCI as a non-profit and independent association established in Zurich, Switzerland, to strengthen Iranian civil society, promote social and political activism, and support Iranian human rights defenders.

ASCI provide funds only from non governmental associations and people who would like to invest on developing and empowering civil society in Iran. Although ACSI uses volunteer activities as a main resource.

If you would like to contact or cooperate with the IHRV please use this e-mail address:

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